What is Co-Deal Sourcing?

Deal selling

What is Co-Deal Sourcing? Hey Whats up my name is Samuel Leeds and in this blog I’m gonna be explaining Co deal sourcing. What is co-deal sourcing? You might have heard the term by and around.  Co deal sourcing is very simple firstly I need to define deal sourcing once I’ve defined deal sourcing I […]

Brit dad flung from raft in Africa survives waterfall plunges and river full of crocodiles!

Check out what The Mirror had the say about the horrific accident that took place on a recent mission trip to Africa. They have shared Alasdair Cunningham’s personal experience of the accident in The Nile. Alasdair is a partner in our property sourcing business Better Sourced Ltd https://www.bettersourcedltd.co.uk/ and also co-hosts The Property Investors Podcast with […]