Church leader who once doubted Samuel Leeds turns full circle

Samuel Leeds

Church leader who once doubted Samuel Leeds turns full circle When negative reports appeared on the internet and in the media about Property Investors’ founder Samuel Leeds, Pastor Clement Okusi was initially troubled. Clement, who combines property investing with his church work, even joined an anti-Samuel Leeds Facebook group. He says he got caught up […]

Is the property crash course good?

Property Crash Course If you haven’t attended one of our events yet, you are not ready to become a property investor. If you find yourself asking whether the property crash course will benefit you, you’re forgetting one thing – it’s free! The worst thing that could possibly happen is you walk away with more information […]

How to get rich in 2020

How to get rich in 2020 It’s going to come down to mindset and action. There’s no other way around the question ‘How to get rich in 2020’. If you truly want to know ‘How to get rich in 2020’, start by watching this video. Samuel sat down with millionaire entrepreneur, Arnon Barnes. They discussed […]

How to be famous

How to be famous If you want to know how to be famous, you are probably seeking recognition. You might be in a job where you feel unappreciated or your hard work is going unnoticed. The question of ‘How to be famous’ rests on your ability to push out quality content and showcase your charisma. […]

From Crash Course to PROPERTY EMPIRE | Winners on a Wednesday #12

Brett Jackson from Barnsley is a true success story and demonstrates how hard work with the correct property knowledge can definitely pay off.  Just like most attendees, Brett Jackson started educating himself with Samuel Leeds YouTube channel, engaging with the social media pages, reading ‘Buy Low Rent High’ and making the final step by attending […]