Cost of Samuel Leeds Mentoring!

Samuel Leeds mentoring

Cost of Samuel Leeds Mentoring! Are you looking to become financially free in property? Have you seen different property trainers out there and thinking of replacing your job by learning all there is to know about property but have no idea where to begin? Well, I got started in investing in property at the age […]

What is Co-Deal Sourcing?

Deal selling

What is Co-Deal Sourcing? Hey Whats up my name is Samuel Leeds and in this blog I’m gonna be explaining Co deal sourcing. What is co-deal sourcing? You might have heard the term by and around.  Co deal sourcing is very simple firstly I need to define deal sourcing once I’ve defined deal sourcing I […]

People Laugh At My Dad’s Business Advice

Samuel Leeds

People Laugh At My Dad’s Business Advice I remember walking around the piece of land, and I remember seeing it even when it wasn’t there, and then we built a plan and worked with the builders and finally got the house! There is an adage that goes, “seeing is believing,” and I’ve heard it from […]

How to analyse Rent to Rent deals!

Samuel Leeds

How to analyse Rent to Rent deals! I’m a property entrepreneur and not only do I make a lot of money in property, but also put out YouTube videos, have a training company, and teach people on property management as well. A lot of my success students start off making their money using a strategy […]

Property Vision of Nurse Abi!

Abi Pattison has battled a brain tumour since she was a child, which affected her physical and mental health. Grace Hammond reports. A York woman who has battled a brain tumour since childhood decided to quit her career as a nurse and took up property development.  Twenty-seven-year-old Abi Pattison, who grew up in Leeds, was […]

Cryptocurrency Predictions/Tips – Samuel Leeds & Marcus de Maria

In the latest video, Samuel sits down with stock market educator and successful investor, Marcus de Maria to chat about the future of cryptocurrencies and his thoughts on property investing.   For over 10 years Marcus has been training people on how to successfully trade in the stock market and in this video Samuel picks […]

How I Get 444% Return on Investment | Samuel Leeds & Gillie Barlow

To spend two days with me at the Property Investors Crash Course, claim your FREE ticket at: Gillie Barlow is an international property investor, mentor, author and speaker. She’s VERY good at what she does and in today’s video I sit down with her for an interview to find out how she makes a […]