Wholesale Real Estate vs Deal Sourcing?

Samuel Leeds

Wholesale Real Estate vs Deal Sourcing Hey! What’s up? I am Samuel Leeds and today I will discuss the differences of wholesale real estate and deal sourcing. I have been asked so many times from the people to clear the confusion so thought to share it now. Let’s begin. What is Wholesaling? Wholesaling is basically […]

How To Get Passive Income? The Four Streams Of Passive Income

Samuel Leeds

How To Get Passive Income? The Four Streams Of Passive Income  Hi, I’m Samuel Leeds! I’m a property investor; in fact, I’ve been into property investment for over a decade. Over the years, I’ve closed hundreds of deals, written books, taught many students on property. Here, I’m going to talk about passive income and the […]

“I’ve Made More Money In Lockdown Than Ever Before” – Dr. John Demartini

Samuel Leeds

“I’ve Made More Money In Lockdown Than Ever Before” – Dr. John Demartin Dr. John Demartini is an investor who buys profitable companies and in my recent interview with him I tried to understand his take on real estate and crypto investments. I’ve spoken to a lot of investors and I don’t think there’s one […]

Kevin McCloud and Samuel Leeds Talk Property Development

Have you ever watched Grand Designs? Of course, you have! In this very special interview, Samuel Leeds sits down with Grand Designs presenter, Kevin McCloud to discuss all things property development and the history behind the legendary TV show. Want to learn more about the world of property design and development? Watch and learn from […]

Millionaire’s House Tour 2019 | Where should we put our home studio?

Millionaire’s House Tour It’s the stuff dreams are made of! The plush house with the pleasant surroundings for your family to enjoy. Using #TheFreedomFormula you can achieve these things and through videos like this we hope to inspire you. Moving his family down to London to further his business, Samuel Leeds opens his doors and […]

Look at what they’ve been saying about us

Property Investment Crash Course Reviews We know how amazing our courses are but don’t just take our word for it. Watch this short clip and hear the opinions of people who attended! They say the journey of 1000 miles starts with a step. That first step, in this instance, is attending our free event. If […]

Why it’s crucial to build relationships with estate agents

How to build relationships with estate agents First of all, why is it so important to build relationships with estate agents? This is the fundamental question which most rookie investors skip past because they assume it’s irrelevant. Actually, if you think about it, what could be more valuable than having an ally on the inside […]

4 Ways to Buy BARGAIN Properties from Motivated Sellers

Four ways to buy Bargain Properties from motivated sellers. Samuel Leeds shares his four top steps to successfully finding and buying bargain properties. A bargain property is a heavily discounted property that is sold for an amount that is significantly below the market value. The key to successfully purchasing bargain property if initially finding them, […]

THE BEST WAY TO MAKE £100K IN 28 DAYS?! | Samuel Leeds

The best way to make £100k in 28 days.    Samuel Leeds makes a guest appearance on the youtube channel of Ed Smith, CEO of Champion Consultancy. They get right into it and Ed asks Samuel how he would go about making £100k in 28 days. Samuel has a love of challenges which he has […]

What are the FEES for a LEASE OPTION AGREEMENT?! | Property Q&A with Samuel Leeds

Welcome to episode #15 of Q&A Sunday with Samuel Leeds. On today’s episode the Property Entrepreneur gives advice on LOA (Lease option agreements). He talks freehold vs leasehold, and is brutally honest about a military mans property investing plan, giving advice on how to speed up the process. Samuel explains how to keep your ROI […]