How To Offer on Rent2Rents? LANDLORD DIRECT

Samuel leeds

How To Offer on Rent2Rents? LANDLORD DIRECT Hello! This is Samuel Leeds, your property guide. Today, we will discuss how to make an offer on rent 2 rent property. So, I took out some numbers and called one of the landlords to make an offer. A House to be on good Rent2Rent A lady picked […]

4k Pounds Per Month At 20 Years | Rent2Rents

winners on a wednesday

4k Pounds Per Month At 20 Years | Rent2Rents Today, we have a wonderful guest on Winners on a Wednesday. She is only 20 years old, and has built a great portfolio over the couple of years since my training with her. Samuel: Why didn’t you want to come on the show a year ago? […]

Samuel Leeds student reviews

Samuel Leeds student reviews Some of you might be googling ‘Samuel Leeds student reviews’ because you want confidence about the course you’re going on. Well, this video will give you a real review from the very first student our property icon had. Her name is Jael and her story is wonderful. She now has a […]

Rent to rent deals

Rent to rent deals Are you wondering how to do rent to rent deals? There are several components which make up a successful rent to rent business. It’s not complicated but there are nuances and details which need to be ironed out before you’re likely to earn substantial amounts. You’re reading this because you are […]

Securing rent to rent deals

If you are interested in securing rent to rent deals, you might be wondering what a phone call with a landlord sounds like. Securing rent to rent deals over the phone is easy when you know what you are doing. Samuel was on-stage at the Crash Course when somebody asked him how to secure a […]

How to start a property business

Do you know how to start a property business? Find out how to start a property business with low capital. Lauren and Kayleigh grew up together and always wanted to go into business as a partnership. The duo decided to start a property business with little money by flipping houses. The pair were very traditional […]

Can an 18 year old find success in property investment?

The answer depends on how much effort they put in and what knowledge they have access to. This applies to everybody, no matter how old you are. If you want success in property investment, you need to surround yourself with people who can add value to your journey. Network with people who can equip you […]

Tips for Rent to Rent or Rent to Serviced Accommodation deals

Happy Sunday, fellow property investors! In this episode, Samuel discusses what to look for when doing rent to rent or rent to serviced accommodation, what skills are essential to succeed in property and much, much more! Are you doing rent to serviced accommodation or rent to rent? How are you finding it? Watch this video […]

How to stay motivated and more!

Happy Saturday, fellow property investors! How do you stay motivated when you’re feeling down? What kinds of things pick your spirits up when you’re in a rut? Samuel sat down with Alasdair to discuss that among numerous other super interesting topics. If you want insight into the mind and life of a property pioneer, watch […]

How to achieve Financial Freedom in 7 days

You may have seen the video on YouTube with its 1.5 million views, you could have heard about it from the BBC who talked about it or perhaps you’ve been paying attention to Samuel’s social media lately. What are we talking about? It’s the 7-day financial freedom challenge! Is it possible to achieve financial freedom […]