Samuel Leeds student reviews

Samuel Leeds student reviews Some of you might be googling ‘Samuel Leeds student reviews’ because you want confidence about the course you’re going on. Well, this video will give you a real review from the very first student our property icon had. Her name is Jael and her story is wonderful. She now has a […]

Securing rent to rent deals

If you are interested in securing rent to rent deals, you might be wondering what a phone call with a landlord sounds like. Securing rent to rent deals over the phone is easy when you know what you are doing. Samuel was on-stage at the Crash Course when somebody asked him how to secure a […]

How did this couple go from frightened to financially FREE in months?

Becci and Jon are financially free thanks to property investment! That is a statement that Samuel Leeds will never get tired of repeating, it just sounds amazing – now imagine your name in that sentence. It can happen. Becci and Jon went to our crash course in June 2019 in Birmingham, soon after, they enrolled in the […]

Serviced Accommodation UK | How to PROFITABLY Invest in Serviced Accommodation

The Serviced accommodation strategy is rapidly growing in the UK. What does this strategy entail? It’s pretty much a hotel that doesn’t have any staff. This strategy allows you to rent either the property in its entirety or on a room by room basis for as long as the tenant would like to stay. Bookings […]

Winners on a Wednesday #22

This week episode of winners on a Wednesday come with a special twist. We had four guests enjoying a fruitful sit down with Samuel. A great mixture of foreign investors and British based investors who are just starting out on their property investor’s journey. Led by investor Jurn who first attended a February crash course […]