Why rent where you live?

Why rent where you live? On this week’s episode of Q&A Sunday, Samuel got proposed a common question – why rent where you live? It’s a frequently asked one because it’s become a fashionable thing to say among property people. The questioner asked why is it better to rent where you live if the cost […]

Should you rent or buy your own home?

Should you rent or buy? Samuel is a big believer in renting where you live and owning what you rent out. If you are wondering whether you should rent or buy your own home, there are several things you need to weigh up. Deciding whether to rent or buy your own home comes down to […]

Serviced Accommodation UK | How to PROFITABLY Invest in Serviced Accommodation

The Serviced accommodation strategy is rapidly growing in the UK. What does this strategy entail? It’s pretty much a hotel that doesn’t have any staff. This strategy allows you to rent either the property in its entirety or on a room by room basis for as long as the tenant would like to stay. Bookings […]