I Debate My Famous Hater—Poku Banks vs. Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

I Debate My Famous Hater—Poku Banks vs. Samuel Leeds Hey, I’m Samuel Leeds! I make tons of videos on property investment, giving people value basically for free. While there are people who have been supportive since day one, there have been others who have called me a fake guru. When I contact these people to […]


Samuel Leeds

MY £6.35 MILLION POUND CASTLE I’m a property investor as I’ve been investing in properties for the past 12 years now. I’m visiting the most amazing building I’ve ever seen and as it happens, I own the building which is my castle ribs ford house. A lot of people are really interested in this building […]

Historic Bewdley mansion ‘in a far worse state than first thought!’

A RESTORATION project to turn a historic Bewdley mansion into luxury apartments will cost owners £2m – double the initial budget. Property developer Samuel Leeds, aged 28, says Ribbesford House, which he bought with his brother Russell at auction for £800,000 last year, is in a far worse state of repair than first anticipated. He […]

Revisiting The Castle | Ribbersford House

You have all been waiting for an update so here it is! Samuel has been back to Ribbersford House in Bewdley to see how the renovation process has been coming along.   Ribbersford House  has an amazing history which includes the mansion being used to train Free French soldiers during World War ll , when […]

Raising finance for the CASTLE!

In this week’s video, Samuel reveals what happened when he spoke to the owner of Ribbesford House. This was to put in an offer to extend their payment deadline. Technicalities meant raising the funds to complete in time was looking impossible! The previous video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF_09i3ts7c) saw Samuel worried that the deal could fall through. He […]

I Could LOSE My Castle!

Samuel expresses his worries and concerns about the completion of the beautifully historical, castle investment in Bewdley. Due to a range of technicalities, loan complications and unfortunate events, it is clear to see the doubts and uncertainty in the air, with a possibility the investors may not be able to complete. This day could infact […]

The Family Visits My Castle…

In this week’s video, Samuel Leeds brings his family to the beautifully historic Ribbesford House. Work on the property is set to begin NEXT MONTH, Samuel explains, as all major contracts have been signed and exchanged. In the video, brother-in-law and Chartered Surveyor Ben says, “A lot of work needs to be done to the […]

Invested my Life Savings into Buying a Castle

In this week’s video, Samuel Leeds invites us into his exciting latest project which is taking place at the stunningly historic, 20-bedroom Castle situated in Ribbesford, Bewdley. The video documents Samuel Leeds, along with his brother and business partner Russell Leeds, on their way to view the property after signing the all-important contracts! The brothers […]