Essential skills for a property investor

Essential skills for a property investor Let’s talk about some essential skills for a property investor to be successful. If you are ready to take your property business seriously, and make serious money, you need these skills. The best way to keep yourself on top of your game is via self-development. It’s important that you […]

Being risk averse in property

Being risk averse in property Is there a problem with being risk averse in property investment? In this episode of Winners on a Wednesday, you’ll meet Ben, Samuel’s brother-in-law. The eagle-eyed among you may have seen him in a recent Property Investors Podcast. Ben began his property journey as a very private individual who liked […]

Do you know these property investment risks?

Do you know how to protect yourself from property investment risks? Property investment risks are commonplace and will always exist because in life, there is risk wherever there is action. You need action in order to make things happen. You need to learn how to cope with and manage potential problems. Although it’s not listed […]

Your questions answered by Samuel Leeds

It’s Sunday, property people! You know what that means? There’s a chance for your questions to get answered by our legend, Samuel Leeds. If you have something on your mind, a problem that’s puzzling you, a conundrum you can’t wrap your cranium around – pop it in the section below the video on YouTube. Next […]