There’s a property crash coming and I want you to get prepared.

Samuel Leeds

There’s a property crash coming and I want you to get prepared You see those prophets speaking out and saying there’s a crash coming or this is going to happen, the prophets are always right because there’s a crash that happens around every 10 years. This is not such a big deal because property prices […]

5 Crucial things to look for in HMOs—Strategy Explained!


5 Crucial things to look for in HMOs—Strategy Explained! What is an HMO property, and should you buy one? An HMO is a house in multiple occupancies. It’s when you rent out a property room by room instead of just renting it out to a family. I want to talk about HMOs in this blog […]


Samuel Leeds

I WAS WRONG…THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! I’ve been teaching for the last five years and for the last 10 years doing property investment, lease option agreements, buy refurbish, rent to rent, dealing with motivated sellers, what kind of return on investment do you buy to let all that stuff, and today, I want to share something […]

Yield vs ROI

Yield vs ROI If you’re thinking about yield vs ROI, you might be confused as to what each of them means. It’s possible that you’ve attended property networking events and heard people talking about yield. Don’t get drawn into or daunted by the jargon. Many naive investors get caught up in the idea of sounding […]

What are the 3 most important things to know in property investment?

Of course, there are many aspects and attributes which go into making a solid property investment. During this live stage session, Samuel described three core factors which every property investor must prioritise when considering their projects. One of them is ROI. Return on investment is the first one, can you guess what the other two […]

How to Work Out the Return on Investment (ROI) | Samuel Leeds

In this Financially Free Friday video, we go live into the crash course to see how Samuel implements his ROI strategy to the delegates. Following this formula is proven to help calculate the ROI and weigh up if the deal you are working on stacks up.

Property Investors Podcast #16

What is Europe’s biggest buy-to-let hotspot? Russell reveals that Ireland is the best place in Europe to invest in buy-to-lets. Although being listed with an ROI of just 8% which is relatively low. Ireland still ranks number one for investing in buy-to-lets. The reasonable prices combined with the stability of the euro all this adds […]

Viewing Properties LIVE in Hull

Samuel is out on the road with one of his successful students Alasdair Cunningham. A year removed from attending the crash course is doing amazing things and continues to add to his burgeoning property portfolio. The trip to hull has Samuel viewing Alasdair’s latest addition. A 4 bedroom HMO that is currently undergoing quite the […]