Who is Samuel Leeds?

Who is Samuel Leeds? The question, ‘Who is Samuel Leeds?’ is not one that can be answered in-depth in one go. Most of you will be familiar with him as someone on stage or on screen. However, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what he’s like behind the scenes of his events and podcasts? We […]

What happened to Samuel Leeds?

What happened to Samuel Leeds? What happened to Samuel Leeds? Well, this might be his most awkward moment of all time. Imagine this, you’re a renowned public speaker, a successful entrepreneur with hundreds of thousands of people following you online. You head onto the stage as you’ve done countless times before, and the applause you […]

A day in the life of Samuel Leeds

What’s Samuel Leeds like in real life? Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of Samuel Leeds is like? If you are an avid viewer of our YouTube channel or a follower of ours on social media, you’ll be well aware of the pure value and content he delivers. He gets straight […]

How to build JOINT VENTURE PARTNERSHIPS | BTS with Samuel Leeds

How to build joint venture partnerships. In today’s video we follow Samuel and Amanda as they head to Doncaster to attend a meeting with the view of starting a joint venture partnership. When developing and building property Samuel knows a good solid building team is key. With this is mind he has set up a […]