A day in the life of Samuel Leeds

What’s Samuel Leeds like in real life? Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of Samuel Leeds is like? If you are an avid viewer of our YouTube channel or a follower of ours on social media, you’ll be well aware of the pure value and content he delivers. He gets straight […]

Below Market Value Property UK | How to Find BMV Deals

This Monday’s video Samuel explores the BMV property strategy.  In order to successfully negotiate to BMV’s, you should never be a motivated buyer when you are overly motivated to makes purchases you can easily make mistake or overpay for a property which can be a disaster long term. Always try to be calm, cool and […]

Property Investors Podcast #16

What is Europe’s biggest buy-to-let hotspot? Russell reveals that Ireland is the best place in Europe to invest in buy-to-lets. Although being listed with an ROI of just 8% which is relatively low. Ireland still ranks number one for investing in buy-to-lets. The reasonable prices combined with the stability of the euro all this adds […]

Struggling to find property deals? Watch THIS!

Samuel has NEVER understood it when people say ‘I can’t find ANY property deals’… This week, Samuel shares with you an AMAZING trick that you may never have considered before, which will GUARANTEE property deals being found!

4 Tips to GUARENTEE Success!

So, we all want to be guaranteed success, right? And, we ASSUME good things come to those who wait, right? Well, in this week’s video, Samuel Leeds gives us the 4 most IMPORTANT tips to GUARENTEE (yes, guarantee!) SUCCESS. These are: LEARN (learn what it takes to become successful) BELIEVE (believe that you can become […]

Raising finance for the CASTLE!

In this week’s video, Samuel reveals what happened when he spoke to the owner of Ribbesford House. This was to put in an offer to extend their payment deadline. Technicalities meant raising the funds to complete in time was looking impossible! The previous video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF_09i3ts7c) saw Samuel worried that the deal could fall through. He […]

Property Investors Crash Course – LONDON!!!

Well, it has already been a week since our most recent Property Investors Crash Course with Samuel Leeds in London. What a fantastic turnout we had, it was a full house! ATTENDEES! The attendees were raring to go full of positivity and energy ready to start learning – something we love to see! We love […]