Serviced accommodation deals

Are you wondering how to find serviced accommodation deals? Meet Piers! He runs something called a Bespoke Investor Club where he shows people the ropes of SA and deal sourcing. Think about all the challenges, setbacks and so forth – he covers those. Piers is a successful student of Samuel, having attended the Crash Course […]

How to do rent to serviced accommodation deals

Meet Ricci Mandal, his story will inspire you. You’ll find out exactly how he went from a struggling DJ with no qualifications to financial freedom. He did it by figuring out how to earn money from rent to serviced accommodation deals. Rent to serviced accommodation deals are a creative way to make money through property. […]

Should you invest in Flats or Houses?

There’s no wrong or right answer. In this video, Samuel Leeds discusses his thoughts on whether it’s a good idea to invest in flats. There are numerous things to consider but here’s a quick breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of buying flats. Why should you invest in flats?   It’s relatively cheap It’s easy […]

My Property Business Plan of 2019

The year 2019 promises to be equally successful as its predecessor was for Samuel. In his latest video he makes bold predictions for his property portfolio. All his plans and investments for 2019 are revealed. Last year Samuel invested in 26 properties when the initial target was 10. The usual method that Samuel has been […]