Are There Too Many Property Investors Now?

Samuel Leeds

Are There Too Many Property Investors Now I love helping people out with their property investments—it’s my passion! Last week, I got a load of questions on my YouTube channel regarding property investments, and I thought of answering all of them. So, let’s get started! Answering Some Of Your Questions! Q: Would you be focusing […]

Top tips for HMOs in the UK

HMOs in the UK In this video, Samuel is going to be revealing the kind of information which he really shouldn’t. It’s personal and it’s business. All of his mentors tell him to keep things private but he refuses because he wants transparency. He wants to be open and honest with you guys. He starts […]

Winners on a Wednesday #20

Florin arrived from Romanian not being able to speak any English, owning a plumbing company that was on its way down. He was able to turn this around and now is on course to a turnover of nearly £250K. Florin has completed 6 deals so far, he has been able to make success within in […]