Why Your Buy-to-Let Business is FAILING | Property Investors Podcast #44

Why Your Buy-to-Let Business is FAILING | Property Investors Podcast #44 On today’s episode #44 of the Property Investors Podcast, Alasdair Cunningham and Russell Leeds try something a little different. The property investing twosome are regularly asked about what books they would recommend. They have decided to do a book of the month that they […]


Most recently a lot of people have been asking about the regulations and the legalities when it comes to property and the various strategies. To answer the many many questions that continually pop up Samuel along with James Armstrong, Anthony Wilmott and Hannah Mills have come together and have decided to create a book. This […]

Make fast money PASSING DEALS | James Armstrong Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday features academy member and property sourcer James Armstrong. During this deep dive discussion, Samuel and James discuss the ins and outs of property sourcing. James first attempt to get involved in property started off on a rocky patch as he initially didn’t have the money to join the academy. During his interview process with […]

How to Become a Deal Sourcer | Samuel Leeds

Deal sourcing has rapidly become of the most lucrative property strategies in the UK. What is sourcing? Sourcing is finding good deals and passing them on to investors for a fee. You will need to present key information along with the deal such as what the rental income will be.  Proving to the investor that […]

The Eviction – Episode 1: Deal Sourcing

The Eviction is here! £20,000 is at stake for 13 candidates. They will battle it out through a range of challenges stipulated but multi-millionaire property investor Samuel Leeds. Who will be the ultimate investor? Over the next 5 weeks, we will find out.   #TheEviction

The Risks of Buying from Property Sourcers | Thoughtful Thursday #4

Russell recruits sourcing guru Alasdair Cunningham to discuss how to avoid getting caught up in bad sourcing deals. As a sourcer himself Alasdair is appalled at the behaviour of other sourcer’s. They are not compliant selling bad deals with nothing that don’t stack up. Property sourcing is very much a regulated strategy. A lot of […]

From Hard Times to Property Success | Winners on a Wednesday #26

This week’s winners on a Wednesday features the couple Ben Deighton and Abi Pattison. The property journey started after a dark time for the couple as Abi was dealing with depression and severe anxiety. She wasn’t able to work for 9 months. Ben who had some minor experience in property decided that he wanted to […]

21 Years Old and Making £4,000 Per Month | Winners on a Wednesday #25

James Armstrong has built a burgeoning reputation as a trusted property sourcer using his quick wit and a keen eye for property.   At 21 years of age, he is earning £4,000 a month from sourcing exceptionally deal with hungry property investors. James came across Samuel Leeds at a networking event here he heard Samuel divulge […]

Financially Free by Watching YouTube Videos | Winners on a Wednesday #24

Nathan Winch has seen a rapid rise in the property investor’s ladder. He has done this not taking the conventional route.  Nathan’s journey started after deciding to sell his self-employed medical business to the NHS. Using the money generated from this he invested in a few buy-to-lets.  A friend introduced him to the content of […]