RICH vs POOR. The Difference in Mindsets!

A strong positive mindset will go a long way when it comes to achieving your goals. The varying mind states between the rich and poor display the difference it takes to be successful. Samuel breaks down the top 7 difference between a rich and poor mental state.  Which side do you fall on? Is there […]

Are LOA’s Legal? Would They Stand In Court?

In this second-part interview with solicitor, Sam Hawking and property investor Samuel Leeds, the pair discuss the topic of Lease Option Agreements – covering legalities and advice. Sam Hawking begins by sharing his response to myths on Lease Option Agreements being a ‘thing of the past’… “My response to that is Lease Option Agreements have been […]

4 Tips to GUARENTEE Success!

So, we all want to be guaranteed success, right? And, we ASSUME good things come to those who wait, right? Well, in this week’s video, Samuel Leeds gives us the 4 most IMPORTANT tips to GUARENTEE (yes, guarantee!) SUCCESS. These are: LEARN (learn what it takes to become successful) BELIEVE (believe that you can become […]

How to get out of BAD debt!

In this week’s video, Samuel Leeds addresses people in specific who are currently in BAD DEBT! So, if you are eager to become financially free but feel like your debt is holding you back, then carry on reading to find out how YOU can ESCAPE it! Firstly, it is important to be clear on the […]


In this week’s video, Samuel demonstrates how, through online websites and clever phone calls, you can find a runner to go and view your properties LAST MINUTE!   Samuel has viewings lined up for a potential property in Grimsby. However, wouldn’t be available to attend them. This would mean that he’d have to find an […]

Which is the BEST property strategy?

In this week’s video, we see Samuel Leeds address the most frequent question he finds himself getting asked by first-time investors. ‘Which is the BEST property strategy?’. The UK’s most inspiring property investor Samuel Leeds explains the common thread of scenarios people entail when starting out in property… ‘Which is the best strategy?’ ‘I don’t […]

How To Get LOA’s & R2R Deals From Estate Agents – Samuel Leeds

In this week’s video, Samuel Leeds explains to YOU how to get direct deals from estate agents. In particular, Rent 2 Rent deals, Lease Option Agreements and No Money Down deals. It focuses on the main, recurring questions that get asked on the 5,000+ member Facebook Group ‘Property Investors with Samuel Leeds’ from people who […]