Tenants Ruined my Worst House

Samuel Leeds

Tenants Ruined my Worst House I went to visit the worst property that I ever bought with a no money down deal as part of a joint venture agreement as there’s someone somewhere out there that owns part of the house with me. In this article, I’ll tell you why the house is so bad […]

Tenant Eviction Ban PETITION

Samuel Leeds

Tenant Eviction Ban PETITION In this article, I want to talk about what’s happening right now within property and the government as there was a big announcement yesterday which to be honest, i’m not really that happy about and neither should you be as a property investor or as a landlord or someone that wants […]

Can anyone be a property investor?

Can anyone be a property investor? Can anyone be a property investor? The answer is yes, of course. Some of our more eagle-eyed viewers will remember the chap in the thumbnail. Check out the #MyFFChallenge – you’ll see the full story of what happened when Samuel met Glen. Samuel took on the challenge of converting a […]

How to find tenants and more

Finding Tenants It’s Q&A Sunday! That means your questions get answered by our resident property icon, Samuel Leeds. In this episode, one of the things that Samuel discusses is how to find tenants. If you are wondering how to find tenants, it’s possible that you have a problematic property – there’s something about the situation […]

Do you know these property investment risks?

Do you know how to protect yourself from property investment risks? Property investment risks are commonplace and will always exist because in life, there is risk wherever there is action. You need action in order to make things happen. You need to learn how to cope with and manage potential problems. Although it’s not listed […]

How to stay motivated and more!

Happy Saturday, fellow property investors! How do you stay motivated when you’re feeling down? What kinds of things pick your spirits up when you’re in a rut? Samuel sat down with Alasdair to discuss that among numerous other super interesting topics. If you want insight into the mind and life of a property pioneer, watch […]

Property Investors Podcast #12

In this news this week Alasdair breaks down the steps and tips to dealing with troubled tenants. When first letting your property out make sure the tenants know what their legal entitlements are. This should be done early to set the precedent making sure everyone knows where they stand. Everything should be documented for future […]