Samuel Gives Away £20,000 – The Eviction FINAL

The Eviction has reached its conclusion. Samuel will give away £20,000 after putting contestant through a series of challenges to determine who is worthy of the cash prize. The two finalists remaining are Hannah and Anthony who will claim to the ultimate prize? Tune in and find out! #TheEviction

The Eviction – Episode 4: Business Plans

Episode 4 of The Eviction is here. This time the remaining contestants focus on the execution of their business plans and how it will compliment their property deals. Who will be the winner? Watch the whole series to find out! #TheEviction

The Eviction – Episode 2: Refurbishments

Episode two of the eviction is here. This weeks challenge the contestants focus on refurbishments. After last weeks eviction both teams are under heavy pressure to come through and put themselves in a commanding position. How will they fair in this challenge? Who will be sent home? Tune in and find out. #TheEviction  

The Eviction – Episode 1: Deal Sourcing

The Eviction is here! £20,000 is at stake for 13 candidates. They will battle it out through a range of challenges stipulated but multi-millionaire property investor Samuel Leeds. Who will be the ultimate investor? Over the next 5 weeks, we will find out.   #TheEviction

The Eviction – Introduction

Welcome to The Eviction! 13 candidates will be living with Samuel Leeds at Caverswall Castle. They will take part in various property challenges with people being evicted from the castle after each challenge. The last remaining person will receive a prize of £20,000 in cash to help them fly in their property journey. The first […]

From brink of ruin to chance at a £20k prize | Samuel Leeds

A STAFFORD man has been chosen to compete for a £20,000 prize in a prestigious Apprentice-style business contest to be held at historic Caverswall Castle. Anthony Wilmott’s selection marks a dramatic change of fortune in his life, which just a year ago was spiraling out of control. The 33-year-old had split from his partner, looked […]

Uganda Documentary | Samuel Leeds

Today’s TV Tuesday brings you the Uganda documentary. The cameras follow Samuel and his students as they travel around East Africa in a mission to provide clean drinking water to the villages. The documentary also details scenes of the water rafting accident that occurred early within the trip.