4 Key Steps To Success

Samuel Leeds

4 Key Steps To Success! Hey there, my name’s Samuel Leeds. I’m a property investor, and over the course of 11 to 12 years I’ve built a massive portfolio of properties, written several books, and become a multi-millionaire. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it! Today, I’m going to discuss the four key steps […]

Academy helped us become property millionaires in just eight months!

Winners on a Wednesday

Academy helped us become property millionaires in just eight months! The Property Investors Academy catapulted Darren Andrews and Ella Attrill into a different mindset, making them property millionaires in just EIGHT months. They even did a deal with  Samuel Leeds along the way, acting as angel investors for one of his developments and earning a […]

Lee Barber with MS refuses to allow his disability to hold him back!

Video games designer, Lee Barber, has what many people would regard as a glamorous job, working for a subsidiary of Warner Bros. on well-known titles such as the popular Lego Movie series. He is well paid and has the satisfaction of knowing that his creative skills are helping to entertain thousands of people around the world. But […]

Do I Offer Mentoring? | Samuel Leeds

What is the Property Investors Academy with Samuel Leeds? Well, in this blog, Samuel Leeds EXCLUSIVELY explains to you EXACTLY what the Property Investors Academy is, what substantial content, training and mentoring you receive as an Academy member, what success you can achieve and most importantly, you’ll hear REAL testimonials from current Academy members. The […]

Are HMO’s Ruining the Country? | Samuel & Russell Leeds

Are HMO’s ruining the country? In this video, myself and my brother/business partner, Russell discuss whether or not the magazines and newspapers are right or wrong about this controversial topic. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment down below! Also, to receive access to exclusive packaged property deals, please visit: http://www.property-investors.co.uk/…

Property Investors Crash Course – LONDON!!!

Well, it has already been a week since our most recent Property Investors Crash Course with Samuel Leeds in London. What a fantastic turnout we had, it was a full house! ATTENDEES! The attendees were raring to go full of positivity and energy ready to start learning – something we love to see! We love […]

Tony Daley (Ex England Footballer) Talks Property Investing

In this week’s blog, we will be telling you what happened when ex-England football star Tony Daley attended one of Samuel Leeds’ Property Investors crash courses! WHO IS TONY DALEY?  After signing up to professional football club Aston Villa at 16, making his first debut by the time he was 17 AND getting a mortgage […]

How To Get LOA’s & R2R Deals From Estate Agents – Samuel Leeds

In this week’s video, Samuel Leeds explains to YOU how to get direct deals from estate agents. In particular, Rent 2 Rent deals, Lease Option Agreements and No Money Down deals. It focuses on the main, recurring questions that get asked on the 5,000+ member Facebook Group ‘Property Investors with Samuel Leeds’ from people who […]