What does Samuel Leeds do for charity?

What does Samuel Leeds do for charity? People often ask ‘What does Samuel Leeds do for charity?’ Not all wealthy individuals choose to be so public about their endeavours, some prefer to do it quietly, without using it for PR. That’s why you very rarely hear about Samuel’s charitable efforts. However, in this episode you’ll […]

Everybody said he wouldn’t walk again, except this woman

“Your begging lands on deaf ears”, says Dr Jamirah Namusoke as she explains how she has to plead for money so that she can take care of her patients. In Uganda, surgery and other medical procedures are expensive so they don’t usually take place unless the patient is wealthy. For ordinary people who need implants, […]

Best wishes from Uganda!

Hey! I am Denis Kwarisiima from Kabale, Uganda in East Africa and my passion is helping fellow youths from my community come out of addiction which has been problematic here for quite some time. My story changed even more when the Samuel Leeds Property Investment team from England came to Uganda Kabale at the Kirigime […]