How to Stop Investors STEALING Property Deals? – Q+A Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

How to Stop Investors STEALING Property Deals? – Q+A Samuel Leeds Another Sunday, another video! I love answering your questions and being part of your property journey. Here are timestamps of the questions to help you navigate easier through this video and don’t forget to put your question in the comments. I might answer your […]

Academy helped us become property millionaires in just eight months!

Winners on a Wednesday

Academy helped us become property millionaires in just eight months! The Property Investors Academy catapulted Darren Andrews and Ella Attrill into a different mindset, making them property millionaires in just EIGHT months. They even did a deal with  Samuel Leeds along the way, acting as angel investors for one of his developments and earning a […]

5 Ways To Avoid Tax As A Property Investor!

5 Ways To Avoid Tax As A Property Investor! I mostly talk about how to make money as a property investor. However, a lot of people ask me about the tax and how to save money. Generally, my rule of thumb is to ‘make’ money and not worry about spending it because people worry so […]

Grace Anastasia

Grace Anastasia Grace Anastasia is a motivational and self-help influencer who uses social media for good. She came along to the free Crash Course in order to get her property investment knowledge up to scratch. If you would like to follow in Grace’s footsteps, you can sign up to the crash course here. On this […]

From brink of ruin to chance at a £20k prize | Samuel Leeds

A STAFFORD man has been chosen to compete for a £20,000 prize in a prestigious Apprentice-style business contest to be held at historic Caverswall Castle. Anthony Wilmott’s selection marks a dramatic change of fortune in his life, which just a year ago was spiraling out of control. The 33-year-old had split from his partner, looked […]

How To Do 40 Property Deals in 12 Months

How to do 40 property deals in 12 months – Samuel Leeds interviews Paul and Ann Waters   Have you ever wondered what your life could be like if you made the decision to invest in yourself and get educated in property and actually getting deals that result in you being financially free?   Your […]

Revisiting The Castle | Ribbersford House

You have all been waiting for an update so here it is! Samuel has been back to Ribbersford House in Bewdley to see how the renovation process has been coming along.   Ribbersford House  has an amazing history which includes the mansion being used to train Free French soldiers during World War ll , when […]

3 Things to Consider for Serviced Accommodation Properties | Samuel Leeds

This week, Samuel Leeds gave US a very helpful video from his home town in Lichfield city centre! He told us the 3 things YOU need to CONSIDER when you buy a property to rent as (SA) Serviced Accommodation! Serviced Accommodation is a strategy that can generate thousands of pounds PROFIT each month! So, let’s […]

Struggling to find property deals? Watch THIS!

Samuel has NEVER understood it when people say ‘I can’t find ANY property deals’… This week, Samuel shares with you an AMAZING trick that you may never have considered before, which will GUARANTEE property deals being found!

How to Develop a Power Team | Samuel Leeds

This week, we are talking all things POWER TEAMS! Property Investor and millionaire Samuel Leeds discusses and explains to YOU the importance of having a power team and why it is so significant when taking the big leap into property investing… So, let’s get back to basics! Who does a Power Team involve? What are […]