Is serviced accommodation saturated?

Is serviced accommodation saturated? If you’re asking, ‘Is serviced accommodation saturated?’ it’s probably because you are noticing lots of people doing it. Perhaps you’ve been to our events and met many people who are giving SA a go. Well, the answer to that question depends on the area you are focusing on. In this video, […]

Things you must do before 2020

Things you must do before 2020 While everybody else is lazing around and losing track of the days over the next 5 days, you could be setting yourself up for major success. Starting on Boxing Day, there are 5 things you must do before 2020. If you achieve them, you will be head and shoulders […]


In this week’s video, Samuel demonstrates how, through online websites and clever phone calls, you can find a runner to go and view your properties LAST MINUTE!   Samuel has viewings lined up for a potential property in Grimsby. However, wouldn’t be available to attend them. This would mean that he’d have to find an […]