Should I quit my job for property?

Should I quit my job for property? Are you asking, ‘Should I quit my job for property?’ It’s an interesting question. This conundrum is one that floats around the heads of most our students. Especially after attending our Crash Course, as that’s when the reality of the dream comes through. By attending, you’ll start to […]

Courses for Landlords

Courses for Landlords If you are looking for courses for landlords, you’re in the right place. It’s possible that you are trying to take your property business to the next level. You are never too old or too successful to learn and improve. The person who stops evolving and is too arrogant to become a […]

The best time to invest in property

The best time to invest in property The best time to invest in property is now! Meet Andrea, she was an estate agent and her husband was a police officer. They had steady jobs, steady incomes and a big health challenge. Andrea had cancer. Throughout her process of dealing with it, she continued to come […]

The best property network

The best property network Where can you find the best property network? You’re starting out on your property investment journey, or perhaps you’re already in the middle of it. It can be tough! How much easier would it be if you had a positive support network around you? When you search for property networking clubs […]

Serviced accommodation deals

Are you wondering how to find serviced accommodation deals? Meet Piers! He runs something called a Bespoke Investor Club where he shows people the ropes of SA and deal sourcing. Think about all the challenges, setbacks and so forth – he covers those. Piers is a successful student of Samuel, having attended the Crash Course […]