Tenant Eviction Ban PETITION

Samuel Leeds

Tenant Eviction Ban PETITION

In this article, I want to talk about what’s happening right now within property and the government as there was a big announcement yesterday which to be honest, i’m not really that happy about and neither should you be as a property investor or as a landlord or someone that wants to get into property.

I’m going to give you the facts about what’s happened as I’ll be informing you and then i’m going to talk about what we need to do as landlords to stand against this because i’m getting very frustrated with the government right now as they are supposed to be supporting businesses to see the economy get picked back up.

This article is very likely going to get read by the government and will be probably seen by people in high places and you know believe it or not you can petition and you can protest but actually, it’s articles like this and its people like me speaking up and saying hello this is what’s happening and this is how I feel about it as a property investor.

Government to Ban Tenant Evictions

So yesterday, they announced that they were going to ban tenant evictions for another four weeks.

To put this into perspective, all throughout this whole pandemic lockdown situation, we have not been able to evict tenants and so if a tenant is not paying their rent, you can’t evict them which to be honest I kind of understood for a little while at first as I thought, well, that’s fair enough as everyone was really shook up.

But now, this is getting into a little bit of a joke because just because you own properties or own a property, it doesn’t mean that you’re rich and it doesn’t mean that you’re able to just accept not receiving rent.

Some landlords might be rich but if they’re not receiving rent. then they’ll very quickly be poor and the houses are going to go repossessed and then suddenly no tenants are going to have anywhere to live.

You cannot ban a tenant so you cannot evict a tenant and I just don’t think this is good enough.

Maybe you might want to have certain circumstances and you want stricter eviction rules, I understand that but government that is not what you have done as what you’ve done is ban evictions all together and so if I’ve got a tenant living in the house, they could be a young bachelor renting a 10,000 pound per month mansion throwing parties deliberately not paying rent because they know that they can’t be evicted and guess what, as a landlord there’s nothing you can do.

My Plea to Tenants

Samuel Leeds

If you’re a tenant reading this, please don’t think that you can get away with that because you can’t and eventually it will catch up with you and when this little holiday period of paying rent is over, you’ll be evicted and you’ll be dealt with and if any of my tenants are reading this and I know some of my tenants do read my articles, I just want to say pretty much every single one of my tenants is paying their rent right now in full and there’s a couple of people whereby they’ve had very extreme circumstances where we’ve reduced their rent and I am working with them and thank you by the way for being a good human and I believe in just being a good human being, you are doing a good thing.

I’ve been on the receiving end of shelter that help the homeless and actually what shelter often does is they just help tenants legally not pay rent and that’s not helping the homeless as I think it’s immoral I think it’s unethical.

Honestly, if you’re all pro tenants having free rent right now, then how about people having free food right now as we can just go to Sainsbury’s and just take food?

Why don’t we just go and get mobile phones, cars and houses for free?

What would happen is, that would cause absolute habit mayhem and it would ruin the economy therefore, why pick on landlords and say oh well they’re rich and they can just let tenants stay rent free?

My Preposition to the Government

Samuel Leeds

Rather than forcing landlords, why don’t you just rely on a little bit of goodwill because every situation is different as some landlords are on the bread line and if you’ve got 10 houses and each house is making you a hundred pound a month, that’s a thousand pound a month which is your salary and you have so 

As soon as you’re dependent on the government, the government have complete control and I am so anti because of what is happening right now.

I mean, how about just looking at the situation and what about if the tenant isn’t affected by the virus at all and they’re just using it as an excuse?

I get sometimes it’s a genuine reason but I think we need to look at things on a case by case as that’s my opinion.

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