Tenants Ruined my Worst House

Samuel Leeds

Tenants Ruined my Worst House

I went to visit the worst property that I ever bought with a no money down deal as part of a joint venture agreement as there’s someone somewhere out there that owns part of the house with me.

In this article, I’ll tell you why the house is so bad on so many levels as people’s biggest fear when they buy a house is what if they can’t rent the house out and then they’re not making any money from it?

Well, the property has been trashed and right now it’s empty and there’s about three months’ worth of post on the floor.

But you know what, whilst it’s empty which is a really bad thing, normally I would be absolutely devastated that I had an empty house but i’m actually glad that it’s empty because previously to it being empty there was a tenant in it that wasn’t paying rent and they were wearing the house down which is worse than no tenant.

Lounge & Reception

The house has got such a big lounge and required someone to clear out all the junk and the rubbish which made it look so shabby to try and give it a sense of life.

All the things that could possibly go wrong with any property went wrong with my house.

The house has got two reception rooms whereby the second reception room can be used as a bedroom.

I remember when I first got this house, I was thinking about the garden saying that, because it’s slabbed, it’s going to be low maintenance since the grass won’t be able to grow due to there being no grass but little did I know that the weaves would grow instead and it does need maintenance after all.

Samuel Leeds

The Kitchen

I spent about three and a half thousand pound getting the new kitchen and now three years later it almost looks like it needs a new kitchen again.

I reckon maybe a really good scrub but it’s just depressing and a demoralizing.

Imagine you’re a tenant and you leave the house, would you really leave things like a dirty sock on the floor surrounded by mud and turned a brand new oven into a greasy trash?

I even got scared to open the oven in my house as it just looked so horrible.

I mean it’s like a volcano of grease erupted in there and if someone said to me, Samuel you’ve got you’ve got two weeks to make a clean oven, I wouldn’t know where to start as I don’t understand how someone makes an oven that disgusting.

Maybe the sock was left on the floor and the dirt because they left in a hurry and they had kids and things but the thing that just freaks me out is why would someone climb up on a chair and remove the smoke detector and break a switch?

I have tenants contact me and say oh Samuel there’s damp and I’ll normally say to them things like have you opened the windows when you’re showering? and they’re like what? and I’ll go through a few questions with them and one of the questions I ask them is did your last house have damp? and they go yeah dude! how about the house before? yeah it just seems that every one of my houses has damp! do you think there’s a common denominator here? do you think it could be because of something you’re doing?

Maybe you think I’m harsh but the way I judge the oven and the cooking of the tenant that lived in this house, I don’t think I’ve been harsh to say that this is possibly a result of not opening windows, having really long showers and just generally being a terrible tenant.

I’m genuinely considering giving the house away for free to somebody if there wasn’t such a high mortgage which is another thing.

Samuel Leeds

The Bedroom

The second bedroom wasn’t too bad as it’s just filthy.

It’s just absolutely filthy with things like cobwebs everywhere.

I think with a good clean, the bedroom could be a very average room and the best thing about the room is the view as it is fantastic and pretty good.

The third bedrooms’ wallpaper is going to come off completely which probably means that we’re going to need to re-plaster it and this is getting a little bit expensive.

All I would estimate the whole repair would probably be at least 4,000 pounds and that’s going to be not even to a super high standard and takes almost a 10-year profit.

My Conclusion

I mean to be fair, it’s a big house and I used to wonder why the insurance was so expensive on the house but it’s generally a big house with big rooms.

The lesson for me and everyone else invested in property in this scenario is that always get a good property agent who will deal with your tenants in making sure everything runs smoothly as the rent would be paid on time and if you make your agent happy they’ll in turn be happy getting you vetted tenants that are good.


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