The 2021 Housing Crash

Samuel Leeds

The 2021 Housing Crash

My name is Samuel Leeds, and I am convinced that there is going to be a housing crash in the year 2021.

I have been investing in properties for the last twelve years, and I’m the author of the best-selling book ‘Buy Low Rent High’.

The reason why I believe that there will be a housing recession in 2021 is because we are in a recession right now. Pretty much the entire western world is hit by recession. In the UK, more than 750,000 people have lost their jobs.

Massive things have been happening in the UK in terms of property. More than 500,000 properties were halted from being sold. This is going to produce some serious consequences in the future.

Right now, we’re in a ‘mini boom’. This has been created by the government. They are giving out bounce back loans to pretty much everyone. Investors are using these loans for their businesses. They are also rushing to buy houses. People have also been incentivized by the government with Stamp Duty Holiday to buy more houses. Now, people are rushing to buy properties.

When I had said on my channel that you should get a property because properties had been selling below market value, people were skeptical. Now that the media is saying that there is a boom, people are rushing towards it.

I suggest you do your own research and not depend on media outlets because otherwise you’ll be misinformed!

A month ago, the BBC news said that the UK house prices were in a fall in more than eight years. Two weeks ago they said that house prices are bouncing back. One week ago they said that there was a mini boom in house prices and everyone rushed to buy properties. A day ago, the same BBC said that first-time buyers should be concerned because the house market will be tougher.

My Advice On The Topic 

Samuel Leeds

I don’t know what the BBC is trying to do! Here’s my advice on the topic, about what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Firstly, don’t be emotional. Don’t rush to buy property for the fear of missing out. Just observe and do your due diligence.

Secondly, don’t expect to get a house and get quick capital appreciation right now. This isn’t 2004 where people would buy properties blind-folded and would get the prices sky-rocketing.

Third, don’t listen to me saying that there is going to be a house crash. To be honest. Everything will get a crash. Even currency and money will get a crash. So don’t be saving up your money in a bank as it would just get down in value over time.

So what should you be doing? 

  • You should be figuring out ways to create your own economy! Get a house that is unmortgageable, fix it up, and push its value up! That way, you’re in control. Figure out ways how YOU can force the value up. Not the government, not the investors, but YOU!
  • Secondly, find out properties that are still bottomed up. Yes, there are still properties in England that haven’t boomed and you can get a great deal.
  • Third, figure out ways to get positive cash flow from your investment. Don’t just leave the property there waiting for appreciation. Keep getting annual or monthly income from it.
  • You know what, recessions are an exciting time to be alive in. There are many businesses that form in a recession!
  • House prices crash means that you have the opportunity to buy properties at cheaper rates.
  • Recession doesn’t mean that rents will go down. Mostly in recessions people rent out more because they can’t afford to buy, therefore, pushing the rental prices up.

In a recession, you get a better return on investment. You’re able to buy low, and able to rent high, which is what smart investors invest for. This is exactly what my book is about ‘Buy Low Rent High’!

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed this blog on the recent house prices crash. For more information on property investing, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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