The best time to invest in property

The best time to invest in property

The best time to invest in property is now! Meet Andrea, she was an estate agent and her husband was a police officer. They had steady jobs, steady incomes and a big health challenge. Andrea had cancer. Throughout her process of dealing with it, she continued to come to our Crash Course and other our property events, all the while liaising with Samuel and his team. She was hungry and determined. That was two years ago, now she has had the all-clear and her hard work has paid off.

Andrea now earns £4000 per month and this will soon be doubled to £8000 per month. She is so grateful that she opened her mind to the idea of finding freedom through property investment. The cancer treatment process taught her how precarious and precious life is; fuelling her to double down on her studying and education, and go all in on taking action. She committed to watching videos, listening to podcasts, reading books, attending events like our ‘Deal Finding Extravaganza’ and much more. She wanted to grow.

It’s a fantastic story and we’re so proud to have her on Winners on a Wednesday. Andrea is a real inspiration and it’s well worth watching this video in its entirety. Prior to her education with Samuel and his team, Andrea had dabbled in property investment but it wasn’t quite working for her. Using her newfound knowledge and insight, she realised that her investment had been a bad deal and it wasn’t going to be profitable. She also learned about the benefits of renting where you live as opposed to owning your home. She sold her home within 6 months and moved to a new, bigger, more attractive property.

You can follow her footsteps and take those courageous clicks towards the free Crash Course, right now.

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