The Power of Personal Brand in Property with David Walsh

We have special sit down this Friday Samuel sits down with YouTube supremo David Walsh. Together Samuel and David have created a highly successful YouTube channel that now has over 50,000 subscribers. It continues to grow at a rapid rate.

How powerful is your personal brand? It’s important to build not only your company but also your brand that is associated with your business.

Having influence is something that many people find desirable but it’s also important to be able to turn this into genuine leads. David has been able to corner a market of helping people grow their brands in many avenues.  The most popular tool that Samuel has integrated into his current brand is the power of his YouTube channel.

The channel allows him to reach millions of viewers internationally. It continues to be the main focal point for a lot of content that has allowed him to consistently supplement his audience base and reach other targets when a video becomes a viral hit.

Avoiding the trap of falling into a person that is highly successful in what they do but have zero brand awareness, in reality, nobody knows who they are. This can stunt the growth of their business and have a detrimental effect.

People that realize the benefits of building a strong brand are the ones that are not afraid to step in front of a camera and recognize a brand opportunity when they see one.  This could be as little as being on a stage for 20 seconds realizing the impact this can have on your brand.

People only do business with people they know so making the brand you create in personable, open and realistic is something that Samuel and David have mastered.