The reason most people FAIL

There is a motto which our property pioneer, Samuel Leeds loves sharing with students:

“You’re going to fail your way to success” 

Being afraid of failure is the number one reason why entrepreneurs and budding investors fail or don’t fulfil their dreams. The problem arises when too much priority is placed on theory and practice is neglected. Some people convince themselves that they can learn everything and swot up on all the knowledge before stepping out and getting their hands dirty. This is not the case and those who pursue this strategy are usually just too scared to get out of their comfort zones.

You can’t learn everything before taking action, in fact there are some lessons which are exclusively absorbed from action. Don’t be scared to fail, you might just fail your way to success.

You have to BE the business, before you can run it

Don’t just sit around drawing mind-maps and hoping for help to come. On Samuel’s first crash course, he was the receptionist, the chair stacker, the facilitator, the speaker, the payment processor, the videographer, the marketer and more. He has played every role and now he’s in the position where they can be delegated to his staff. The point is, entrepreneurs should not be too pretty and proud to get their hands dirty. You must be prepared to play any role in your business.

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