The rich poor divide in the UK

The rich poor divide in the UK

Are you worried about the rich poor divide in the UK? It’s not unreasonable to estimate that the gap between the wealthy and the working class will increase. The government pretends to care and put in policies which seem fair. In reality, it’s all smoke and mirrors. So, the widening lacuna between the have and have not is an inevitable feature of our future. What can you do to make sure you’re on the right side of history? According to our resident entrepreneurial superstar, Samuel Leeds, you need to be careful who you listen to for advice.

Normally, such a statement would refer to your friends and you might expect the old ‘average of 5 people’ adage to make an appearance. However, on this occasion, it’s a bigger question than your pals and peers. This predicament is about whether you prefer to listen to politicians or smart, successful entrepreneurs. It’s time for you to brush up on your business acumen and clear the fog from your vision. Stop relying on the government and the media for your life and business advice. Speak to, hang around with and get your information from industry experts, entrepreneurs and people who are out there in the real world.

Section 24

An example of this is when the government attempted to slay landlords and property investors back in 2016 by introducing section 24. Section 24 punished landlords by restricting their income tax relief. The media jumped on the bandwagon and began spreading a message about buy-to-let being doomed. Samuel was the only person who knew how to circumvent the new law. He knew that by opening up companies and using them to continue buying houses, the property investment business would be unaffected. Smart landlords and property investors did this, so essentially, the government’s policy backfired on them.

If you had listened to the government and the media back then, you would have only seen risk and not opportunity. Be careful who you listen to and learn from, otherwise you might fall on the wrong side of the rich poor divide in the UK.

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