The Secret to Success & Happiness – Dr John Demartini

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The Secret to Success & Happiness – Dr John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini is an investor who buys profitable companies and in my recent interview with him I tried to understand his take on real estate and crypto investments.

I’ve spoken to a lot of investors and I don’t think there’s one right answer to investments because everybody’s perspective, depending on what you know is different.

I don’t understand cryptocurrencies at all. 

For me to invest in crypto currencies would just be a complete gamble. 

As for property investing, I know it’s very safe because I risk assess it and do due diligence properly as I know what I’m dealing with.

Here’s what Dr. John Demartini had to say concerning my interview questions.

What have you been up to over the last few months?

Well I have been doing what I love doing which is researching and teaching. 

I have done much more online than usual. Probably a hundred interviews in the last two and half months.

Samuel Leeds

I’ve also done seven breakthrough experience programs in one five day program and get ready to do another eight breakthrough this weekend and then a whole lot of Webinars and podcast.

I flew in from Tokyo we were filming a movie there as we had planned on having a breakthrough on the day, 2 days beforehand they said well we’re now not allowed to have gatherings and so in two days we created the online version and we had a bit of fallout but we did it and the feedback from that was great.

I can’t complain as we’ve been busier than we’ve ever been and you know since Corona is helping us in many ways.

I got to be blessed to be in a movie coming up that’s gonna be with Stephen Hawking on astrophysics I worked in mathematics as I’m what they call a polymath that has worked in many different fields and I’ve been blessed to interact with all kinds of people in many fields and so the ultimate objective of all of my studies and learning is all about the evolution the consciousness maximizing that awareness potential to help people do something extraordinary in planet earth and to live a purposeful meaningful and inspired life.

What have you invested in?

I buy companies that serve ever greater numbers of people.

I define an investment as some product service or idea that serves ever greater numbers of people that’s not a zero sum game, but a non zero sum game. 

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For instance, toilet paper is something everybody’s going to use for as long as we’re around, toothpaste, deodorant and anything that is a service or a product that people will use and the population will grow their brand names and their things that are staples. 

I’m not much into speculation. I buy quite diverse across the sectors with indices. 

I keep my costs down, my turnover down and reinvest dividends.

I’ve been doing it for thirty eight years basically and I’ve been very blessed by the returns. 

During this Corona virus pandemic, I’ve actually made more money than ever in history.

I make sure that no matter what goes on in the market, I win. 

I’ve structured my portfolio and structured my investment strategies to be where if it goes up, I win and If it goes down I still win.


How does online compare to physical learning?

Samuel Leeds events

There of cause are advantages and disadvantages.

When I’m in front of a large audience, I get to interact with more people at the front than the people at the back.

When I’m on zoom for instance I can have up to five hundred people or whatever and have them equally and therefore talk to them, interact with them and engage with them.

Over-ally I’m pleased to teach online and can’t complain.

I still love going out and doing live seminars, presentations and I will continue to do that the second flights are open and the venues are open but I will do both as I will not throw this away.


What Interview question are you tired of being asked?

Samuel Leeds


Actually I’ve had programs in India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, UK, Australia and New Zealand and other parts of the world.

The questions are all varied and can’t say that there’s always the same question it’s a few like on corona but I know it’s been different as sometimes it’s on business,corporate,entrepreneurial and sometimes it’s on government, spiritual or health issues.


Whats your secret to staying healthy?

Samuel Leeds health

Well I’m 65 now turning 66 in a few months.

When you do something you love every day and you can’t wait to get up in the morning and do it, you calm down the aging process a bit.

I love what I do and I do it every day and I’ve delegated everything else as I don’t have a lot of stress.

I’ve hired to what I don’t like doing and I stick to what I do which is research and teach. 

I’m now at a stage in my life where I let other people do what they love doing and I’ll delegate the things and find something that I enjoy doing.


What’s your take on real estate property?

I know some very wealthy people in the real estate market. 

They bought properties, they developed it by putting rental and commercial houses together and extracted on top of each other and they rebuilt cities and have done extraordinary things. 

Some of the biggest wealth has come from that. But it also takes a bit of a focus. And I have to factor in the time, thought, focus and the cost of that.

I just do what works for me based on what my needs are as a speaker. 

But I certainly know people and I’ve spoken of many property investment programs where they’ve made fortunes and I encourage people to do it. I travel full time. I don’t live anywhere. And so I like to make sure that I have access to the liquidity that I do.

In the London School of Economics, there’s a credit summary rating that comes out of there every year. 

It’s the greatest source of information on investment probably in the world. There’s 120 year track record of documenting every market in the world. 

Summarizing it, and I’ve watched that for many years, and I’m certain from looking at the stats why I put my money where I do, I’ve been doing quite a bit of studies on it now and I definitely know that there’s some people that really love the real estate market.


What’s your take on Cryptocurrencies?

The crypto-currency market for me I didn’t feel when I investigated that they had a way they were set up on the block chain in mining. 

I didn’t think that was a wise investment. 

Not that it’s bad for brokers to buy and sell. But as far as holding that and doing that, I didn’t think that had a long term future as well as buying quality companies that serve people. So I’d rather be involved in serving people.



When did you start teaching?

Samuel Leeds

I started teaching in 1973 over 47 years ago.

I’ve been doing it for a while and love doing it.

I started out where anybody who would listen to me under a tree as I’d gather 100 to 150 people under a tree every day and we do Q&A.

I had a philosophy session under a tree and that grew into a cafeteria if it rained and that grew into online and daily programs in my apartment and also wherever people would allow me to come and speak be it their homes as it could be anywhere.

I just took advantage of every opportunity to share and it just grew from local to eventually city to state to nation to now over 154 countries as we’re in every country with online meetings.

It started out as a dream when I was 17 and it’s become now my lifestyle and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else other than what I love doing which is researching and teaching.

I’m writing a new book right now on labor not on astrophysics and cosmology and so I’m also interested in those topics and I’m interested in helping human beings maximize their human awareness and potential and help them involve their consciousness to do something extraordinary.

My methodology on dissolving emotional internal conflicts and getting clear about what’s inspiring to and the mission to transform human perception is probably the most significant thing that I’ve contributed.

The work on values that I’ve done is impacting the world and really spreading all over the world.


Who inspires you?

jim rohn

Jim Rohn impacted me when I was 20.

I went to ask him if he had a special student discount on a package he had and he told ‘don’t ever come to me and ask for a special discount because you’re not a discount’ he said don’t ever come to my program without $200 in your pocket and so I made sure I had it in my pocket.

Howard Hughes and Paul Bragg also had an impact on me when I was to 14.

I started to read and overcome my learning problems when I was 18 and started to really get empowered.

Sometimes I’ve learned from all of them things to do or not to do but I’m more interested in people that are involved in philanthropy than debauchery and just because they’re wealthy doesn’t mean if they’re doing something I should follow suit. 

I know people that just squander their money on lifestyle instead of contribution I’m more interested in people that are involved in contribution.

This morning I got a call from a music real company that’s involved in interviewing musicians and famous musicians and sometimes I’ll be on with amazing people in the interview on panels or whatever and that’s how I start the ball meeting people or going on a TV show and meeting people.

You run into the band there or you run into a celebrity there and I’ve just been blessed to run into the right people at the right time to interact in ways that have opened up many doors.

I don’t pursue happiness and the classical hedonistic perspective as I’m more interested in the perspective where fulfillment means something to me.

I’m more interested in the path than the momentary transient smiles or frowns because I’m a man on a mission.


What Kind of effect do you think this pandemic has had on humanity?

Well depends on the individual as you know it’s never what happens on the outside it’s what you decide to do with the situation.

You don’t have control in the world around you as much as you have the control of your perception decisions and actions around them and so if you take the so called thing around you and ask how specifically can I use this to my greatest advantage, how’s that helping me fulfill my mission and answer that question and see the upsides to what you think is a downside.

It’s not a downside but neutral and therefore you should find out how it’s on the way not in the way.

Samuel Leeds covid-19

William James said the greatest discovery of his generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their perceptions and attitudes of mind which is true.

If we take the time to change our perceptions and make a decision to change our actions and go to high priority actions, we can fulfill our mission on earth and so the greatest number of people with the most sustainable fair exchange way to earn the greatest income so I can then delegate to stay on the high priorities.

There’s no way what’s happening on the outside is gonna stop you from doing what is inspiring to you on the inside.

I’m a balanced thinker and only seeing the upsides is like being in fatuous and unconscious to the downsides.

I look for both sides of life and that way I’m prepared in advance for the challenges that I normally would blind myself to by pursuing one side.

Every so often after many centuries or decades or what we have sometimes years, we have epidemics or in this case a pandemic and there’s always some loss of life and they’ll be some empowered immune systems as we’ll learn new things about biology and new things about the immune system and the society and we’d grow.

Life has challenges and every time we face a challenge as Bucky fuller says pollution is future solution every time we have a challenge, we come up with new innovative creative ideas and we come and concretely go on to the next challenge so this is a temporary challenge as it’s not going to stop human beings.

The inability to adapt to a changing environment is what’s called distress and this comes from the perception of loss of that which you see to the perception of gain and you are trying to avoid.

A lot of people are depressed because they’re comparing their current reality not to reality but comparing it to a fantasy of how it used to be in a fantasy about how it’s going to be but should have been and they’re not present with what it is.

As far as I’m concerned, the pandemic is going to strengthen human beings and make them more innovative and creative and the online world has just been boosted as we’ve all become more efficient.

Amazon for example has boomed and the old dinosaur type of businesses are going out that’s not anything but normal evolution and that’s before people that have foresight are going to boom with success as that’s the way evolution of consciousness works and so I don’t see anything out there except a normal evolution.

Do you think success is a result of hard work or doing the right things?

It’s a combination of both.

I’ve not seen one individual that’s done extraordinary things without putting the abilities and doing the work.

When somebody tells you they’ve got a 4-hour workweek, I laughs because I’ve never seen anybody do anything with a 4-hour workweek maybe after they built something from thousands of hours of work and there’s something they decided that they’ve lost their mission but people on a mission work harder.

I work seven days a week and I don’t think anything of 18-hour day.

I found something that’s deeply meaningful and I love doing it therefore that’s what inspires me.

I’m in a position where I don’t have to work as I could live on a couple million dollars a year passively doing nothing but that’s death.

I would much rather go and do what we’re doing right now and try to make some sort of contribution any day of the week because anybody I’ve asked if you had the opportunity to make a difference in somebody’s lives and you actually you know they’ll appreciate and you’ve made some sort of contribution how many of you agrees that’s what’s meaningful they all put their hands up and I said so why would you want a life different from that by taking a break from what you are good at?


What’s your parting shot advice?

Samuel Leeds

Instead of subordinating and conforming to the world on the outside the breakthrough experience is about you discovering what your true mission is on the inside and what is it you really want to bring to the world and what exactly is it that you perceive that you are seeing in the way and show you how to turn it on the way so there’s no friction as there’s fuel to go on and do something extra ordinary with your life to the greatest experience.

Simply stay focused on what’s highest in priority, stick to what your core competences, start with what you know and let what you know grow and as what is the highest priority action you can do each day that can help you serve the greatest number of people in your mission and if you stick to priority, it’s impossible for you not to build momentum and achieve something amazing in this planet.

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