The Top 7 Property Investing Strategies

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The Top 7 Property Investing Strategies

Perhaps you’re just starting your investment journey and have no clue what strategy to start with. Or, you’ve been in this field for some time and want to hone in on your skills. No matter where you are in your investment journey, this blog identifies the top 7 investment strategies that are lucrative and make for a great portfolio.



The Top 7 Strategies

buy to let

1.      Buy-to-Let Strategy
In this strategy, you buy a property and rent it out.
The way to do it properly, is that you buy a low-value property and you put a high rent to it. This strategy gets you a good Return-on-Investment.

2.      HMO Strategy
HMO stands for House for Multiple Occupation. This is where you rent out a property room by room. This strategy allows you to get rents from multiple occupants from a single property.
For this, you need to buy a property in a good location and get a license if you’re doing a big HMO.

3.      Serviced Accommodation
Another great investment strategy is Serviced Accommodation. This is where you rent out a property for a short period of time. And then repeat. You basically rent out the property like a hotel.
AirBnB is the perfect example of a serviced accommodation, in which a property is rented out for a short time, and then on to another customer.
4.      Rent to Rent Strategy
This is when you rent a property, and then you re-rent it. If you do it under a correct contract; under a management agreement, it is legal.
This strategy allows you to rent a property, you pay a rent on the property, and you turn the property into an HMO. You get more rent out of it, pay the rent, and keep the profit.

5.      Lease Option Agreement (LOA)
This strategy allows you to rent a property, but have the option of buying the property later down the line.
This is very popular and profitable because when you buy a property right now on a Lease Option Agreement; with the option of buying it later, you get both the rent and the capital appreciation in the upcoming years.
To secure an LOA, you pay one pound minimum option fee.

refurbish refinance
6.      Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent (BRRR) Strategy
This strategy allows you to buy a property, refurbish it, refinance it (get your money out of it), and rent it out. You can pay the cash you used for refurbishing with the refinance money. This strategy allows you to re-use the same money over and over again and gain profits.

7.      Deal Packaging/ Deal Sourcing
This is when you don’t have the cash to invest in properties, but you have the time to find decent properties, negotiate a good price on it, and sell it to other investors. As a deal packager, you would get commission out of negotiating good deals for properties.

This blog summarized the top 7 property investing strategies that are extremely popular and lucrative in the investment world.

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