The Truth About Shaf Rasul – Ex “Dragon” Exposed

Samuel Leeds

The Truth About Shaf Rasul – Ex “Dragon” Exposed

I’m twenty-nine years old and I’m just building my own life and helping people achieve their dreams through investing.

Shaf Rasul, the guy who was initially claiming that am not wealthy and own two properties in my company, has responded back to my previous post and now insists that he never said that as he has no idea how many properties I own.


But if you Google Shafqat Rasul, there are a lot of very interesting articles that have been written about him from when he was twenty-nine. And honestly, I would just take a look in the mirror and stop trying to bash me.

Shaf rascal

If you’ve been following Shaf’s accusations about me in the recent past, you’ll notice that his arguments have completely changed as I disapproved his claims and went ahead to provide my excellent credit report.

I of course will not be giving out all of my property details as Shaf seems the kind of guy that will harass my tenants by making videos about them in trying to get back at me.

Unfortunately, Shaf failed to find the fifteen Tudor house owned by me under LOA properties, the 74 Warmsworth road that’s being sold at the moment and the 73 Lowson street which is owned by Luke Developments.


Samuel has got bad credit

In his previous comments on me, Shaf stated that my credit score is bad as I cannot even afford a pencil.

But in his recent comments on me, Shaf denies that and incase he had done proper due diligence on me and my properties, he probably would have found out that my company LOA is actually doing well.

The really twisted thing here is that Shaf tells people to do their own due diligence, but then actually when the facts are on the table, he relies on people not doing due diligence. 

He accused me of lying when I quoted the Telegraph by saying that, “It’s imperative to separate the proper educators such as Mr. Leeds with the opportunist scammers” but when I provided evidence proving that The Telegraph did actually say that, Shaf now tells people to check out the article and makeup their own minds about The Telegraphs comments when he truthfully knows what the article meant.


Rent to Rent is a Scam

When Shaf called me out as a liar, I responded by pointing out a video on his channel from six months ago as he was teaching people on how to do rent to rent deals.

He went on to deny the fact that he was teaching rent to rent and only explaining the process but the comments on his particular video say otherwise.

Shaf did respond to several of peoples comments by being thankful of helping them and never pointed out to them that it was a scam and therefore they should stay away.


Sam Hawking’s Letter is Confusing

My lawyers letter was clear and straight forward and I don’t understand why Shaf claims it was confusing.

This is what the letter said;

Dear Mr. Rasul,

 We are a firm of specialist property lawyers. We act for Mr. Samuel Leeds and several of his companies in connection with many of their property transactions.

We have been asked to comment on your suggestion that Mr. Leeds and/or his companies only own a couple of properties.

I confirm we have regularly carried out work for Mr. Leeds over the last four years. For instance, early this year we dealt with seven auction properties for Mr. Leeds and his companies. Then we dealt with a commercial property. In the last couple of weeks, we have been instructed in another three property transactions.

Previously we dealt with the purchase of the Castle and other property developments that Mr. Leeds is involved with.

Please note that the majority of properties that are owned by Mr. Leeds or his companies do not have any charges registered against them.

Please, therefore, refrain from trying to discredit our client by suggesting that our client is a man of straw who only has a couple of properties, which is clearly false.


Yours sincerely,

Mr. Sam Hawking


Samuel is a bully

His biggest point of the day, was that I bullied him when all that I was doing is respond to his claims about my finances and properties.

Samuel Leeds

This is what Shaf said;

“There’s a law firm called Mishcon de Reya. Mishcon de Reya, a Silver Circle law firm they’re one of the most prestigious legal firms in the U.K. In fact, Princess Diana used them to represent her in her divorce.

There’s a little Facebook group called The Truth about Samuel Leeds. And what did you do? Basically, you tried to put the frighteners on this group by getting Mishcon de Reya to send them a 12-page legal letter. You thought I put the frighteners on them. I’ll get Mishcon de Reya. And that’s the only logic I can think of. Let’s rule that in the court of public opinion. Who is a bully? “


Well, I don’t think that’s bullying. Bullying is when you pick on somebody.

If a kid’s getting picked on in a playground and they retaliate, that’s never considered bullying even in the court of law as It would be self-defense. 

The fact that he refers to me as a bully and that’s his biggest number one point is ridiculous as he seems to acknowledge that he’s a respecter of persons not knowing that it’s treating people differently based on their titles.


Shaf also says that people should also work from an approach of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ but I wonder whether he’d apply the same logic to himself.


In conclusion, always do your due diligence before coming up with assumptions you probably can’t back up when questioned.


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