Things you must do before 2020

Things you must do before 2020

While everybody else is lazing around and losing track of the days over the next 5 days, you could be setting yourself up for major success. Starting on Boxing Day, there are 5 things you must do before 2020. If you achieve them, you will be head and shoulders above everyone else. So, what are they? Here’s your list of tasks:

26th December – Planning Day

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You don’t want to stumble into the new year, you want to stride into it. You want to be confident and excited by the seeds you’ve sewn. While everybody else was forgetting about their goals, you were being smart and preparing yourself for 2020. So, you need to grab a pen and paper. Next, write down what your next deal is going to be, why you want to do it and why you want financial freedom.

27th December – Branding Day

It’s not just what you know and who you know. The factor which most people forget about is ‘who knows me?’ In order to improve your brand awareness, you need to project yourself to the world. You can’t just wait for people to find you. So, for the 27th you need to take 10 minutes to tell everybody what your next property deal is going to be. Head over to the Facebook group, where there are 25,000 other budding investors. Once you’re inside, leave a post describing who you are and what your goal is. You can even talk about what kind of property you’re interested in. This is the art of speaking your dreams into existence.

28th December – Deal-Finding Day

Today is the day you put a little bit more work in. You’ve sobered up from the mulled wine now and the last of the left-overs have been lunched away. Go on RightMove, Zoopla, SpareRoom, Gumtree and other sites. Your objective is to find as many leads as possible. Instead of scrolling around your Instagram for things to be envious of, click through property sites and find deals.

29th December – Learning Day

Today is the day to take yourself to school. Don’t worry, you’re not going to a classroom. You can teach yourself in the comfort of your own home. Read books, listen to podcasts and watch videos which will feed your mind with food for thought. Most importantly, today you need to book yourself onto one of our property crash courses. They are free! If you want to invest in property, you need to invest in yourself first.

30th December – Viewings Day

Today isn’t the time for going out and viewing properties but it’s the day when you book them. Take all of those leads you found a few days ago, and call them! You need to arrange as many viewings as possible – go crazy! Samuel will be running a contest too. If you completed the tasks on 27th December, 28th December and 30th – you are eligible. The person who has the most viewings arranged will win free help from Samuel’s team. That means you’ll have one of his experts with you while you do your viewings. leads

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