Honestly, This is not a drill you can pick my next challenge! All you need to do is click on the link to this video and type your desired challenge in the comments! Over the years you’ve seen me go undercover, you’ve seen me become financially free and help others become financially free. You’ve seen me become financially free in America and secure a deal in London in only twelve hours! You love seeing them, I love making them! So this week I’m asking for what YOU want to see NEXT!


For any of you not aware of my challenges and all the fun we get up to over on my channel, today’s video is a compilation of some the best bests, funny bits, parts that never made it in the final cut and all sorts of little golden nuggets from all my challenges and other popular videos. With all the doom and gloom in the world we figured to share with you something a little more light hearted. 

Interested in seeing any of these videos? Don’t worry, I got you covered:

Financial Freedom Challenge:

Financial Freedom Challenge America:

Financial Freedom Challenge Blackpool:

Financial Freedom Challenge London:

Financial Freedom Challenge Burnley:

The Uganda Project:

My next challenge is in your hands!

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But in all seriousness though…

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