Tips for calling estate agents

Are you looking for tips for calling estate agents? In this video, you’ll learn some top tips for calling estate agents. Our resident property entrepreneur, Samuel will help you avoid the mistakes most, new property investors make. When you start calling estate agents and landlords, you will inevitably face rejections. That’s okay. In fact, it’s a good thing because it means you are closer to your ‘yes’. Make sure you have attended the crash course and the advanced training so your pitch is strong. Then, start calling agents and landlords of properties which match your criteria. When you’re on the phone, it’s important that you are polite, clear and direct.

Don’t speak too fast and remember to be friendly (the person you are talking to is a human being, not a machine). As we’ve mentioned before, building relationships with estate agents is going to be a key factor in the success of your property business. They have the best access to the local market and are in communication with landlords all the time. Treat them well so they can reciprocate with you.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when embarking on their property sourcing activities is being naive. Naivety comes from not asking the right questions and not qualifying your lead. For those of you have had sales jobs before, you will know what a qualified lead is. It’s essentially a potential customer (in this case, a property) which fits your requirements and is ideal for you. If leads are unqualified, a sales person could spend all day pitching only to find out the customer (or the property, in our example) is not right for the business.

You shouldn’t be making dozens of appointments to see houses unless you know the owner is willing to bring the price down to your budget. Avoid getting ahead of yourself. Do your homework on a house, ask the agent the right questions so that all your boxes are ticked. Then you can arrange a viewing and start salivating.



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