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Tony Daley (Ex England Footballer) Talks Property Investing

In this week’s blog, we will be telling you what happened when ex-England football star Tony Daley attended one of Samuel Leeds’ Property Investors crash courses!


 After signing up to professional football club Aston Villa at 16, making his first debut by the time he was 17 AND getting a mortgage at a young age –  football star Tony Daley stated that he is now ready to now make the most of the money he has left and invest it in property.

Following his successful 10-year contract with Aston Villa, Daley later got signed to Wolverhampton Wanderers for an astonishing £1.5 million.

After picking up multiple injuries during his 4-year journey with the team, he found himself thinking about this rest of his career and why he needs to use his time wisely.

Because of this, Tony Daley shares his experience of attending the Property Investors crash course.

He explains why he thinks it’s a great opportunity for ex and current footballers to capitalise their recognisably high income in property investing.
He stated,

“The turnover can be unbelievable if done correctly, and if money is put in the right places and you take away the right advice Samuel gives, it is ideal!”.


During his time at the 2-day intensive training, football legend complemented Property Investor and best-selling author Samuel Leeds’ teaching style.

“Samuel’s teaching style is just excellent. He is relaxed and clear in his training and will put you in the right direction to be financially free quickly.”

He later went on to say, “I would highly recommend to people I know to come along and speak to Samuel”.

After introducing the audience to Tony Daley on stage at the crash course, Samuel asked…

“If you knew a footballer, ex-footballer, doctor or ANYONE, who is blessed and successful through the money they have but isn’t earning a PASSIVE income and isn’t financially free, what would you advise?”

Daley quickly replied with his answer – “Come on one of the courses!”.

Samuel Leeds has seen thousands of people in the past year read his best-selling book and attend his property investors crash courses.

Most importantly, has recently seen Premier League Footballers at the top of their game attend his advanced training programmes. They continue their success but this time not through football, in property investing.

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