TOO MANY property deals!

Do you ever find yourself in a position where you just have TOO MANY property deals coming your way?

Are you unsure what to do with them?

Renown property investor Samuel Leeds explains what you can do with those great deals instead of letting them go! So, if you have too many deals to choose from, it could be one of two reasons.

  1. You may be starting out in property, with just a small amount of money and you are unsure where to invest that money.

  2. You are well experience, been finding deals for a while and are now achieving deal after deal.

If you fall under the top bracket, it may be that you are unable to keep up with the finance of the deals. Samuel Leeds recommends that you buy and invest in the property which you feel will be best and achieve the highest return on investment. The income and earnings from the investment is the MOST important factor when making a decision on a deal – REMOVE YOUR FEELINGS!

If you fall under the bottom bracket, where you have good experience, good investments and have loads of GOOD deals.

Well, first of all, well done & congratulations! (It’s a very good problem to have!).

In this instance, Samuel Leeds suggests either raising finance for the deal, potentially starting joint ventures, or deal sourcing and packaging for other investors.

But, how can you MAKE MONEY off a property deal you can’t finance? Listen up!

There are 3 METHODS you could use:

1. Borrow money from somebody else, then pay them 10% back!

2. Start a joint venture – find somebody who has the money and team up with them (YOU have the expertise, THEY have the money, then go 50/50 on profits!)


Take the deal and opportunity, negotiate the price, package the deal up and pass it on to an investor! All you then have to do is charge a fee! Samuel Leeds deal sourcing team have married up an astonishing 136 deals with property investors, with each deal charging a fee of £2-£4k and YOU can do it too!

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