Two Magic Words To Get You Bargain Properties

Two Magic Words To Get You Bargain Properties

I’ve been a property investor for over a decade. When I first started viewing properties, I used to get really scared. Perhaps that’s the case with you too! In my case, I used to get scared because the estate agent would say, “Would you like to make an offer?”

That question would get me so nervous because when someone puts in an offer, then what? What if I put up an offer, and the estate agent says, “SOLD!” and I don’t have the money?

This may happen to some of you too, if you don’t have the money, don’t have all the ducks in the row. So there’s always this catch-22 situation where you are unable to decide if you should be saving up on cash and THEN put an offer, or what?

What You Should Do

Now, if you’re ever in the above-mentioned situation, use these two words: if and would.

‘If’ is used in a hypothetical situation. Let me give you an example, you’re viewing a property, and you like it. The property is for a hundred-thousand pounds. Instead of saying, “I’m going to give you 80,000 pounds, say, “If I put an offer of 80,000 pounds, what would they say?”

I use these two words for everything, in EVERYTHING! I use this with investors, for deal packaging, for estate agents, and much more.

Let me give you another example, suppose you find a really good property and then you go to an investor next. Ask them what kind of properties they would be interested in. for instance, they tell you that they’re interested in high-returning properties. Now, you say,

“If I find some really great high-returning properties over the next few days, would you be interested?”

If they say yes, bingo! If not, you’ll know where they stand, where you stand, and you know you can use the technique with another person!

Wrapping Up

I hope you found this technique useful, and that you use it the next time you’re dealing with properties.

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