Vanessa Warwick banned My Response To Her Lies—Property Tribes Exposed

Vanessa warwick

Vanessa Warwick banned My Response To Her Lies—Property Tribes Expose

Vanessa Warwick recently removed my video of exposing her lies. She says it’s the police; there’s some ongoing investigation regarding me and her, which I’m completely unaware of.

Anything you hear from Vanessa, make sure you investigate it, because she has been saying a lot of things just to tear people down.

If you’ve already seen the video before it was removed, good! However, here is everything I talked about in it.

I talked about Vanessa Warwick—a lady who claims to be a property investor but has incorrect views about it. She has failed miserably in property. She set up a training company, and had been going around teaching people, but failed. She was exposed about it, and now has a website telling other people how not to invest in property.

Vanessa’s Opinion On Lease Option Agreements 

In my video, I tried to explain to people how she has been talking absolute nonsense.

Vanessa Warwick: Even if you get into property without a deposit, which I believe isn’t possible, you’d still have your stamp duty, your acquisition cost, etc.

Part of my mission is to help people get into property when they’re starting with very little money. Now, Vanessa says that you can’t do that, and she tries to disprove all my strategies, specifically, things like Lease Option Agreements. She says that LOAs don’t work in residential properties. This is absolutely incorrect. She then says that she doubts if I’ve ever done it myself.

This is utter nonsense. Try telling that to E.N. Pattison, one of my students, who built up a large portfolio of LOAs. The guy became so successful that he left his job, and was even mentioned in the newspapers!

Try telling that LOAs don’t work to Sam Hawkins, the solicitor who purchases LOAs in residential properties, day in and day out.

And to say that I haven’t done LOAs! I’ve been doing them for years. I’ve got to the point where I would just buy them. I’ve been blogging it on my channel.

Vanessa warwick

False Allegations About Me 

She then talked about a guy in Australia, apparently well-known for LOAs, who got problems and issues there. She said that the guy was my mentor. I don’t even remember the guy’s name! There is no proof that he is my mentor!

Then, she was the same person who got on Alan’s PR agency saying that he didn’t give me this advice, even though she did. She is the person behind it and she brags about it.

One time, Vanessa was being harassed online by a lot of people. She then called me up. She kept calling me up repeatedly over FaceTime. When I received her call she said that it may be some of my students doing it. I told her that I couldn’t control my fans. She went on saying that she had nothing personal about me, she had only been disagreeing with me slightly on some techniques.

She later commented that ‘vulture’ be added to my description. I mean, come on!

But why does she do this? Why does she spread this nonsense online and says that I harass her, while she is harassing me? Why does she keep calling my family members? Why did she contact my pastor asking that I get removed from the church?

Vanessa’s Backstory 

Let’s take a trip down to memory lane, and have a little backstory on Vanessa.

If you want to hear my backstory, you may do it easily. I have a lot of videos on YouTube where I post my journey and it’s fairly easy for people to know my story and connect the dots. On the other hand, if you want to look at Vanessa’s backstory, it would be very hard for you to do so because she hides most of the things. She requests that things be taken off from online.

Just like you visit companies to see if they’re credible, if you did that with Vanessa, you’d find nothing. She has a total net worth of around a thousand pounds. She is embarrassingly broke for a person who claims they are a property expert.

If you do your due diligence on me, you would see that I own a lot of properties, both inside and outside my business. I have made millions of pounds. I own a castle as well. But with her, she doesn’t own anything. She has a house that she resides in with her husband. She has two lodges to help her pay the mortgage.

Whenever somebody tries to ask her about it, she asks the person what their net worth is, what their success is. But what is your success? She would say look at this company, look at that company, but what about her? Not only is she a failure, she is also a hypocrite.

Now, you may be thinking that I’m being harsh, that I should cut her some slack. But the thing is, I don’t have any problems with people failing in property; it happens. What I don’t like is when people fail in property and then act as if they are successful in it. That has failed in her case, but now she has started training people on property! I can’t accept the fact that she has the audacity to start teaching people about property after she has failed in it.

Vanessa warwick

Vanessa’s Failed Training Sessions 

I’ve heard a lot of stories about her training sessions. She would talk about holiday lets, but when asked if she has a holiday let, she wouldn’t even know that you needed a different type of mortgage for the holiday let. Have you rented out a holiday let illegally, or have you not and you’re a complete fraud, which one is it?

I don’t know what she’s trying to do. She is often trolling me in the media, she gets happy when I’m in it. Is it because she had been exposed?

This Is Money wrote a very damning story about Vanessa. The author signed up for a free Inside Track seminar and there was Vanessa! She told them at frequent intervals that she has made a fortune ever since. But, have you, Vanessa?

Look, if somebody is a millionaire and they say that, it’s fine by me. But when you’re a failure and you’re lying about it, that’s not right! But what happened to Inside Track, anyway? It went bust; it liquidated. I think this is the reason why she doesn’t like seeing other people succeeding in property. This is the reason why she says things like LOAs don’t work, so that people like you won’t succeed in property.

Vanessa warwick

More False Allegations About Me 

She also talks a lot about me. I went on to look at how she has talked about me. She said a lot of things like I Photoshop things and that I have a designed degree! It’s actually quite depressive. I show the details about my companies on my YouTube video. You may check the video out to find out how my companies are doing as compared to Vanessa’s.

I looked at her companies and the only one that is doing well is her consulting company. There is not a single property company that is doing well. Where are her properties? Because I don’t see any!

She basically writes awful stuff about other people to get clicks, that’s it. She is broke—she has little money, not from training that failed, not from investing in property that failed, no evidence of success. She makes money just by talking about other people.

What’s her response to me? What’s her response to me making a video about her? Of course, she doesn’t want to talk to me! Because I expose her. But she says that I’m harassing her. She says that the police have gotten involved because I had been harassing her. But the truth is, there were some other people who had been harassing her.

She even says on her social media that I was harassing her to get her husband to delete the threads about me—started by other people—on Property Tribes. I didn’t harass her! I didn’t bully her. She was bullying me. I only told her to delete the false threads she started about me. I told her to delete them because they weren’t right. That’s all I said. But she started saying that I harassed her.

I only phoned her up once.  I called her to tell her that it wasn’t right and that we should talk about it. She heard the first sentence and cut the call.

Now, she is playing victim and saying that she is getting sick because of all this stress. But you’ve been writing about me online dozens and dozens of times for four years. You contacted my family and my pastor. All I’m doing is that I’m responding. You then say that it’s stressing you out. But what about the fact that you’ve been writing about me for so long? All I’m asking for is a discussion but of course, you’re not ready to have that. The reason why you’re not ready to have a discussion is because you know I’m right. I know that the truth really hurts, and you are a fraud, a failure, and probably a witch.

And if I’m wrong, I’d be very happy to be that! Maybe Vanessa is secretly a multi-millionaire. Maybe she has different accounts or whatever, I don’t know!

Wrapping Up

I hope you liked this blog. What do you think about it? Do you think Vanessa is secretly a multi-millionaire, or is she just a fraud? Do you even think that she’s a witch, because she has been bashing my religion for so long? If I’m not wrong, she has called me a “self-centered, self-worshipping Christian.” Imagine saying that about a Muslim, calling them self-centered for being Muslims. How is that going to help anything? She hates me, she hates my success, she hates your success, she hates my religion. Vanessa, come on! Grow up! Grow up, or have a conversation with me.

Anyway, if you like my blogs, be sure to check out my YouTube videos. I’m going to be doing how to do lease option agreements on residential properties as well as on rent-to-rents. I’m going to be talking about how you can start with little money and earn as much as 1761 pounds annually on it.

I was able to find out how she was able to take down my video. The reason being that I had included a snippet of calling her and her cutting the call on me. I didn’t have the copyrights to the snippet, so she got it taken down. My closest people have been telling me that Vanessa would try to be the victim in all of this.

All you need to ask her is why she said that Rick Auten was Samuel’s mentor, and can you please provide proof. Why did you say that LOAs don’t work in residential properties, and can you provide proof? Why do you do due diligence on Companies House, but when done that to you, there’s no evidence of any success. In fact, Vanessa, what evidence do you have of being successful in property? No evidence, no success, no proof. These are the questions you need to ask her. What do you think Samuel did wrong according to the police? And let me tell you this, I did go to the police station, but there’s nothing on me at all. So if you’re going to go around saying that I’m some kind of criminal, what evidence do you have? None! Why wouldn’t you debate Samuel? Because you don’t want to be in the same room as Samuel because of the police investigation. So let’s have a Zoom call then? No!

These are very simple questions, but if you ask her, she won’t be able to answer them because she has absolutely no evidence. Moreover, I’d also like to ask her why she keeps silencing people and removing people’s videos and removing things from the socials. 

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