Vanessa Warwick Evil Lies, Property Tribes Exposed!

Samuel Leeds

Vanessa Warwick Evil Lies, Property Tribes Exposed!

I usually like to focus on the good, however, in this article,I need to warn you of a lady who’s venomous as she is incorrect when talking about property nearly all of the time.

She is somewhere that’s desperate to see people fail and her name is Vanessa Warwick.

I’m going to go through a whole bunch of points about Vanessa as she talks about property investing a lot but she’s failed as a property investor herself.

Vanessa set up a training company and tried to teach about property while going around doing events and failed miserably. She was exposed in the media and now she has a website where she tells other people how not to invest in property and always talks utter tripe and for the greater good of the property community, i needed to explain point by point of how she is misleading people and how she is stopping people becoming successful as property investors.

She is ultimately full of absolute crap but even if you could get into a property without a deposit, which i don’t believe you can, as you’ve got all your stamp duty, your acquisition costs, and your legal costs, part of my mission is to help people on how to get into property when they’re starting with very little money.

Lease Option Agreements

Vanessa says that you can’t do that and she tries to disprove all of the strategies that i teach, specifically, things like lease option agreements as she says that, lease option agreements don’t work on residential properties. This is just absolutely incorrect and wrong.

She also doubts whether I’ve ever done any lease option agreements and again, this is just complete and utter nonsense because what she’s trying to do is to make people that are beginning to think creatively around property and that are looking at alternative strategies to finance their deals give up.

Ian Patterson who was one of my students, built up a large portfolio of lease option agreements as bought Hmos straight after the crash course in stock and then i realized that my strategies were actually working.

I’ve been doing lease option agreements for many many years and not only have i secured these option agreements, but I’ve also gone right through to the very end after the five, six, seven years and then bought them as I’ve been doing it for years and have been Vlogging it on my channel.

It’s just beyond me how she could come up with something that is so moronic and then try and put you off doing lease option agreements.

She found a guy in Australia who was apparently well known for lease option agreements and that had some problems and got fined as i don’t know anything about it but it apparently wasn’t a good guy and she then published that story and said that the guy was my mentor that got me into lease option agreements.

I’ve never even heard of the guy as I don’t even remember the person’s name but she said that he was my mentor with no proof or facts as to why she would say that .

It baffles me that she was the same person that got Alan sugar’s agency to say that he didn’t give me any business advice, even when he did and she brags about it as she thinks that lord sugar didn’t mentor me even when he did.

The truth is, she’ll just make up whatever to try and make me look bad and to try and stop you from being successful in property as she does not only just attack property investors or my company but also attacks the whole industry as she attacks all the strategies that are helpful to people that are starting out from scratch.

Vanessa Warwick

Vanessa’s Backstory

If you want to know where someone’s coming from, like if you want to know where I’m coming from as a person and you take a look at my backstory over the last 15 years, you’ll be able to think, oh that makes sense, i can now see why he does YouTube videos every day and i can see why he has a training company because you can see my backstory.

If you want to see my backstory, just check it out on YouTube. But if you want to see Vanessa’s backstory, it’s very difficult because she hides her backstory as she deletes things and forces things to be taken offline because she is a failed property investor who has zero success.

The way that she judges if a company is successful is, she just goes on to company’s house and do her due diligence but if you do that on her, you’ll see no properties and you’ll see a net worth of around a thousand pounds which is literally embarrassing.

She is so broke and if you do your due diligence on her, you’ll actually find it really embarrassing.

I know that i own a lot of my properties outside of companies and I’ve talked about that and you can see that I’ve made millions of pounds through my companies but with her, what does she own? she doesn’t own anything as she’s broke and the only home that we can find that she actually owns is her own house that she lives in.

I remember a few years back I saw a little thread written about me on a forum called property tribes which is owned by Nick Tad but his wife Vanessa Warwick kind of runs the show as she’s the face of the forum.

Vanessa Warwick was questioning me and basically trying to imply that I wasn’t really wealthy and she was saying look at his companies on company’s house and I’m thinking you don’t know me this is crazy like we’ve never met who’s this person? is she a journalist? 

I thought maybe I should respond and maybe I shouldn’t respond because I didn’t feel like I owed any answers to anybody but I thought you know what as I’ve put myself on the map maybe I’ll respond.

So I went on and explained that the reason that you can’t find my wealth on my companies is because my wealth is earned in property and I buy properties in my name as you can’t see that in company’s house.

I explained everything and I ended this by saying to Vanessa Warwick and everybody on the thread come down to my office if you want, this is the office address and look at everything such as the paperwork as I’ve got nothing to hide.

Now what happened was that, the thread began to run into this campaign of questions and questions steered by Vanessa where they wanted to see receipts for everything and I thought you know what I didn’t sign up for this, I got nothing to hide, you didn’t come down to my office and I don’t really want to be spending my time showing receipts to strangers because they just think they have a right to know everything. 

I didn’t really sign up for this and my wife Amanda was pregnant at the time and I just thought let’s have a quiet life.

I was successful in property because my training company at this point wasn’t making any money and it was years before my training company started making money and therefore me and my wife moved into a lovely little barn conversion and we just enjoyed our profits from property.

Vanessa Warwick fraud

I started aggressively growing my property business again and I was getting a massive demand of people saying can you run some more training and can you do this and have you got deals and I thought forget it I’m going to do this thing.

So I really pressed hard and started packaging deals, set up a training company, became more successful as my wealth started increasing and what I noticed is as my wealth started increasing and my success started increasing this little forum on property tribes was getting more and more rattled and the haters began to get more and more obsessed and at this point to be honest everybody loved me as it was just property tribes and occasionally some people saying have you seen property tribes though and I believe I learnt to ignore them.

If somebody in property tribes was a genuine customer of mine and had paid me money and have got a concern or a gripe, I would have offered to meet with them, talk with them and deal with it but if it’s just someone just speculating and has never met me, that’s never done any training, then to be honest I’m just going to ignore that.

My Conclusion

Since Vanessa gets paid to run stories on her forum by advertisers, I now understood why she wanted to use my name since writing fake stories about me boosted her number of views.

She’s a fraud and a failure if I’m wrong and if all of these facts and this hard evidence is not true, then I invite her to talk to me and tell me but the truth is that i know she won’t because what she does is plays the victim pretending to be bullied or harassed.

I’d be very happy for us to meet up and have a discussion as we can put it out there live on air but of course she won’t want that to happen because she knows that I’m right and the truth really hurts.

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