What does Samuel Leeds do for charity?

What does Samuel Leeds do for charity?

People often ask ‘What does Samuel Leeds do for charity?’ Not all wealthy individuals choose to be so public about their endeavours, some prefer to do it quietly, without using it for PR. That’s why you very rarely hear about Samuel’s charitable efforts. However, in this episode you’ll see Samuel in Uganda! For those of you who don’t know, our resident property entrepreneur has a number of philanthropic projects. Thanks to our videographer tagging along with him for this trip, you’re about to witness one.

Travelling the world and helping the less fortunate are two things you will be able to do when you are free. Everybody has causes which are close to their heart, you can think of one or two now which you’d love to help. How can you assist? How can you make a big impact if you don’t have the resources yourself? Being a property investor not only brings you financial success, it empowers you with time. It’s up to you to decide what you do with that time. You could choose to elevate people out of poverty or you might have other ambitions – it’s entirely up to you.

If you want to be in a position like Samuel is, your first step should be into the Crash Course. Next, you should consider Advanced Training. In the video you are about to watch, you’ll observe him embarking on a project to build a school. He’s weighing up which plot of land would be best suited. This is a great insight into what ‘doing charity’ actually looks like on the ground. People often donate to good causes, simply hoping it makes a difference without seeing the consequences. This is real, hands-on effort and it’s incredibly inspiring to see.

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