What does self-made mean?

What does self-made mean?

It’s a term which gets thrown around a lot so you could be wondering ‘What does self-made mean?’ Well, in reality, no successful person in the world is self-made. That’s simply because they all, including Samuel, needed help, support and training at some point along the way. That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship and business, you absorb lessons from other individuals and apply them to your own journey. Little bits of knowledge and golden nuggets of information can be planted to make your business blossom.

The purpose of this video is to inspire you to chase your dreams. At 16 years old, Samuel was cleaning snooker tables, he was unpopular and single but he had determination. Now, 12 years later he has a beautiful family, great friends and the wealth to purchase the buildings he used to graft in. It’s amazing what difference hard work can make over a long period of time. Some people struggle to motivate themselves to grind for 12 hours, let alone 12 years! If that’s you, you need to reconsider your goals.

No excuses

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Share this video with your grandparents, uncles and aunts – there’s always time to make a difference. The world can be changed at age 16, 60 or 96. The numbers are irrelevant, what matters is your mind and your heart. If you don’t have experience, push your energy. If you don’t have energy, push your experience. Whatever you want to achieve, you can do it and you can start the journey towards that goal right now.

Your dreams need to be bigger than what they are right now. However, your action needs to match that too. Your wildest goals aren’t as farfetched as they might seem. Keep working at it, stay healthy, be motivated, get help when you need it and things will start to click in time.


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