What happened when Samuel Leeds met James Caan?

This is an incredible interview with one of the most exciting guests we’ve ever had! James Caan is a household name, renowned for his smooth persona, his amazing story of success and of course, all those appearances on Dragons’ Den. You can’t help but be engaged when he talks and this episode is no different.

Samuel asked some very interesting questions including:

– What would you do if you were stripped of all your wealth and had no contacts? What would your first steps be to make that first million?

– What did you learn from Harvard Business School?

– What key things do you look for when investing in people? 

And more!

By watching this video, you’ll gain insight into one of the best business brains Britain has ever had. James started out with a Yellow Pages book in a broom cupboard and built himself up to be an erudite, experienced entrepreneur. By listening to advice from people like Samuel and James, you get to take on board all the lessons they learnt and save time. James also talks in-depth about his property investment strategy and how he defied everybody to make an amazing deal in London!

Watch and share!