What Happens When You Refinance? Money, Mortgages & Tax | Q+A w Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

What Happens When You Refinance? Money, Mortgages & Tax | Q+A w Samuel Leeds

00:40 Hi Samuel I would like to know are HMO’s still a good investment in 2020 my uncle says they are a thing of the past as no one wants to share a bathroom and so on. Also another question I have is if I did buy a hmo and wanted to put en suites in the rooms do you have any ideas on how much a en suite would cost to build in each room

02:10 what is the tax situation if equity is withdrawn by remortgaging, for reinvestment and/or personal income, from a Company property and/or a Personal property. Ken Ward

04:13 Hi there I have a question, when I re-mortgage a property now worth more than the original value does the money I get out of it get put into my bank account or Is it held with accountants etc ?

05:46 Hey Samuel, I’m 17 and currently doing a business course In collage, I’m finding it boring and not good as ik my real passion and what I wanna do in life is property as I’ve been researching it for 2-3 years now, I was wondering if I got a job or apprenticeship at a estate agent to get experience and knowledge from that side and also get contacts from there, could I also get u to be my mentor for the next yr so I can learn and get all the knowledge I need to start. If so how much would this cost ? And what would I get with in these payments? Hope this makes sense

07:32 I’m torn, I have a small portfolio of btl properties. I’m in a position where I can buy a nice flat in London to live in while taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday and the fact that I can get a much bigger mortage due to my current contract rate which may change soon. Do I buy the flat to live in or another BTL property? Just to add if I’m to buy the London flat it will be a 2 bed so I have the option to rent out one of the bedrooms

09:17 I have a question, I have no savings at all as I have been the only income of my family for several years. I am thinking of getting a loan with the bank for £25K to use as a deposit, can I use the bridging loan to complete the purchase of a property so I can add value and remortgage it to pay off the original £25K? also, can the bridging loan be higher than the house price so I can use the money to add value to it?

11:13 I have been negotiating a lease option agreement I advised the seller to contact a solicitor and the solicitor has advised to not go through with the deal, what do I do now ?

13:04 With interest only mortgages, what options does one have once this contract is over? Thank you.

13:38 Re the purple rain question – do you need years of accounts on your company in order to get a mortgage? Or do you, the director, need a good credit score? I’m finding her to understand what the lenders would be lending against without any account/credit evidence? Thank you, keep the videos coming, liked, share, subscribed over a year ago 🙌👊

15:17 If you’re using the BRRR model, how do you determine how high end of a finish to do for the refurb? At what point would you be spending too much on the refurb to see any additional return on investment in either the rent or refinance?

Samuel Leeds

17:44 Ho do you get the money after refinancing?

20:18 I have bought three bed from Auction and refurbished it. Should I sell it now or wait 20:29 How much tax would you have to pay when collecting rent from your tenants on interest only payment?

22:20 How does buy to let work in correlation with LOA. How am I able to rent out a house on the owner’s behalf if the house hasn’t got a buy to let scheme? Thanks in advance.

23:38 Do you have a new office or a green screen I can’t tell😂

24:33 I remember seeing in one of your videos that you had made 100 or so people financially free 🥳 which is truly inspirational. Just curious, what is your current tally up to?

25:40 I completed on my first house a month ago. The house is a 2 bed over 3 floors, my plan is to rent out the 2 bedrooms above using the rent a room scheme (already got a friend who wants 1), and create a sort of studio flat for myself on the lower ground floor. Do I need to follow any certain regulations (install fire doors etc)?


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