What impact the election has on the property market

Everybody is searching for ‘election property market’

If you’ve googled ‘election property market’, it’s probably because you are wondering what impact the recent appointment of Boris Johnson will have on our industry. Stop searching ‘election property market’ and get the analysis from our property pioneer by watching this video.

Did you keep up with the election news last night? If you didn’t, it doesn’t matter. Boris Johnson is the confirmed prime minister of the country. Samuel has noticed a lot of hateful comments among his community online, from both sides of the political spectrum. He has recognised that there are people getting worked up, angry and even swearing at each other about politics. Samuel says the important thing to note is that we are in charge of our own destiny, it doesn’t matter who is in power because we create our own economy. Don’t forget, the people that make the rules in property are the one’s who make the money too. There’s no need to be dividing ourselves in this community, since we’re all working for the same goal.


Setting Your Sail

As Jim Rohn says, ‘It’s the same wind that blows on us all’.  It’s not the wind which determines the direction you go in or the destination you arrive at, it’s the way you set your sails. If you set your sails properly, regardless of external forces, you’ll land safely at your desired target. So, if you are getting wound up by politicians and results, you need to take a look at how that energy is working for you. All that force you put into caring about things that are out of your control is useless. Of course, it’s important to vote, our democratic right to have a say is sacrosanct. However, don’t waste your time and energy in pointless online debates. Focus your attention on your own business, making money, being smart and trying to figure out how to strategise based on the policies that will be introduced.

Samuel predicts that there will be rising house prices as property investors gain confidence. He’s already seen evidence for this in his own network.  Find out what other predictions Samuel has by watching this video!