What is an Intrapreneur?

According to Samuel Leeds, an Intrapreneur is somebody who is an entrepreneur within a company. Most entrepreneurs fail, it is estimated that 80% of businesses fall by the wayside. The remaining 20%, you would think are successful, but in most cases they don’t make much money at all. So, it’s evident that being a good entrepreneur is tough, it’s a world of loneliness, high risk and pressure. Samuel is determined to fill his organisation with people who fit that criteria.

He said:

“I don’t see my team as employees, they’re all entrepreneurs who are part of the same mission.”

Samuel doesn’t have routines, he’s quite a spontaneous character who likes to do different things each day. He could be viewing houses, making phonically, conducting training programs, meeting staff – it’s all varied but always focused on growth – growth of himself, the business and other people. In the same way, he tries to develop his team of intrapreneurs to think the same way, he achieves this by rotating their roles and ensuring they have different duties. This means they take on new skills, learn different things and become excited by what the next day could hold.

Other questions were asked in this interview such as:

What does Samuel think about having his brother, Russell as his CEO?

Watch the video and find out the answer!

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