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What is Co-Deal Sourcing?

Deal selling

What is Co-Deal Sourcing?

Hey Whats up my name is Samuel Leeds and in this blog I’m gonna be explaining Co deal sourcing.

What is co-deal sourcing? You might have heard the term by and around. 

Co deal sourcing is very simple firstly I need to define deal sourcing once I’ve defined deal sourcing I can then define co-sourcing or co-deal sourcing deals sourcing is when you find a deal you source it you package it and you sell it to an investor.

Deal packaging, deal sourcing, deal selling.


It’s an extremely lucrative investment strategy because even though you’re not investing in the property yourself you’re investing your time into finding the property and you can do this with very little money to package and sell a deal all you need is a deal, you need investors you need a reputation and you need a business that is compliant where you can legally sell a deal through that company.

deal selling

Very lucrative many of my students package and sell deals without owning property and make tens of thousands of pounds per month I myself have packaged and sold hundreds of property investment deals never owned them never paid for them just passed them on and the average fee that you’ll get from an investor is between two and three thousand pounds so that’s deal selling that’s steel sourcing what’s co-deal sourcing? Co-deal sourcing is when you do the same thing but this time you don’t need an investor list you don’t need a company that’s compliant you don’t need a reputation.


The only thing you need is deals so you find a deal and then you co source it with someone who’s compliant with someone who’s got an investor list with some who’s got a company so you approach instead of approaching investors and trying to flog a deal to investors you approach up-and-running deal packaging firms and there’s loads of them there’s people that became compliant built of that investor list they’ve got everything all the docs in a row they just haven’t got deals.


deal selling

And I’ve got a Facebook group with over 28,000 members and a lot of them are deal source with investors with companies just without deals so a co deal saucer is for you if you’re really good at finding property investment deals or you know you’ve got the time to find deals but you haven’t got the inclination to build an investor list you haven’t got the compliant side of things so you’re going to find the deal you’re going to approach somebody who’s got a deal sourcing company already and you’re gonna say hey would you like this deal to sell to your investors and if so my fee is two thousand pounds and that’s what I want from the deal and then they’ll sell it for four thousand pounds and you’ll both make two thousand pound each very very simple this is just joint venture most people in business most people in property they’ve been forced to joint venture and collaborate with other people I collaborate people all the time I’ve collaborated with co-deal sources, I’ve collaborated with people that find properties, I’ve put the money in, I’ve collaborates where I’ve not put any money in and like they’ve put the money but I’ve got the deal collab when you know how to collab, when you know how to co-deal source, when you know how to joint venture, when you know to network what happens is suddenly everything becomes possible people will tell you you can’t do that because you haven’t got the money you can’t do that because you haven’t got the this or that or the other well find someone that has got it and collaborate.


Samuel Leeds

This is how I grew my YouTube channel in the early days. I collaborate with other YouTubers. You’ve got start collaborating so if you have questions about co-deal sourcing about how it works comment below and I will do a part two and I’ll answer all of your nitty-gritty questions around co-deal sourcing but guys you’ve got to start networking you’ve got to start putting yourself out there and you’ve got to take massive massive action.

So I hope you found this video useful if you did, smash the like button, turn on the notification bell and drop a comment in the box below because do you know how many how many theorists right here you’re on a theorist is a theorist is someone that just talks they talk about all the nitty-gritty I’m not about that I’m about doing and I believe when people watch my videos what happens is they just start doing and that’s why there’s so many people are successful as a result of my YouTube channel so if you want to help spread the word if you want to help more people become successful more people become doers and implementers and and becoming financially free and successful in property then please do you share this blog.




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