Which is the BEST property strategy?

In this week’s video, we see Samuel Leeds address the most frequent question he finds himself getting asked by first-time investors.

‘Which is the BEST property strategy?’.

The UK’s most inspiring property investor Samuel Leeds explains the common thread of scenarios people entail when starting out in property…

‘Which is the best strategy?’
‘I don’t know where to start?
‘I’ve read multiple books, searched a range of online forums?
‘I have been talking to different people?

Well, if any of these statements have gone through your head, or if you are confused and unsure about how to begin your property investing journey, the video below is perfect for you!

Samuel explains how each strategy can depend on personal circumstances and why techniques can be just as important as strategies.

Samuel stated, “My advice would be, just choose ONE. ONE strategy and just focus on that.”

He explains how getting your first deal is always the hardest for anybody. But, from the moment you secure your FIRST deal, you’ll have the confidence to rinse and repeat your strategies and success.

“You won’t get anywhere standing still. If you are going out, being productive, going to viewings, accepting offers, you are being fluid.”

“My advice is to asset it, plan it and review it, by using this technique, you will always succeed.”

The 2-day intensive Property Investors crash course is a great place to start your journey, Samuel likes to cover a range of strategies.

Most importantly, he will…

TEACH you something.
SHOW you how to do it.
Does it LIVE.
Gets YOU to do it.

You won’t leave the course until you have 1-2 strategies nailed!