Why This Doctor Chose Property | Samuel interviews Dez Ebenezer

In this interview, Samuel sat down with doctor turned property investor, Dez Ebenezer. Dez is a part of Samuel’s Property Investors Academy and plans to own multiple houses in order to leave a legacy for his children. He already has property deals secured and is well on his way to ultimate financial freedom!

Dez, who is a doctor and has a large practice shared how and why he got into property. He was investing in stocks and shares, which he considered ‘safe’ investments. But after reading Samuel’s book and watching his YouTube videos he became enlightened and realised he was not getting his return on investment (ROI) and there were other ways of investing that would provide returns.

Dez’s four children aged between 1 and 8 are his big motivation and his plans are to build a legacy for them. He explains that “Financially I am doing quite well, but what I need to leave behind is a portfolio and that is what I felt would be appropriate to do. I see property as a good investment vehicle but I needed to do that with training and support.”

Samuel and Dez discussed one of the stumbling blocks that Dez faced at the beginning of his journey, which was that he did not like the idea of having mortgages. The idea of possibly leaving debt for his children to deal with was something he did not want to do. When asked how he has got round this challenge, Dez explained that instead on interest only mortgages, he is opting for repayment mortgages and even though the payments for this are more per month. Cash flow each month is not his main goal and he is more focused on leaving an unencumbered portfolio for his children.

You might wonder why someone who is doing well for himself with a large practice and earning well would choose to go into property investing? Dez did not want to be a passive amateur investor in what he was doing, he said “With property, I know exactly where my money is going, I know it’s a long term asset and once I read your book I saw that I could put in money and leverage it with a mortgage rather than putting money into stocks and shares where there was no leverage.”

What is his strategy?

Dez has gone on to do the strategy outlined in Samuel’s book and he buys low and rents high. He discusses one of his deals, a house of multiple occupancy (HMO), which completed in September. When Samuel first met Dez, he was adamant that he did not want to get involved and wanted to focus on being a doctor but after training with Samuel, he is finding the deals himself and buying them! He’s grateful he has been more involved because it helped him not make the mistake of buying a property that was being advertised by an agent as a 6-bedroom HMO but upon viewing it and carrying out vital checks such as measuring the bedrooms!

So you don’t end up buying the wrong deals, it is very important to have the

  1. Knowledge 

      2. Support team to ask when you are not sure of things

Dez had travelled all the way to Middlesborogh to view this property and was disappointed it was not as advertised. However, through that visit, he built rapport with the agent who then introduced him to another property whilst he was in the area. It was a 5-bedroom fully licensed HMO and Dez ended up making an offer on it! This was followed by a meeting with the owner so he could do his checks and ask any questions he had directly.

What are the figures?

Dez bought the property with sitting tenants with tenancies ending in August 2019.


Purchase price for 5-bedroom HMO – £135,000

The property was fully furnished with all the correct specifications. This works out at £27k a room including all the furniture, fire alarms etc. and sitting tenants and fully licensed. Safe to say he got a good deal.

Rental income per month – £1,711

ROI (inclusive of all costs such as legal fees, tax, deep clean, paint touch ups etc.) – 22% on a repayment mortgage and on 29% on interest only mortgage.

“I feel really good and really happy with what I have got. The fact that I sourced it myself, with your training, has really given me some confidence to source other properties myself. I’m becoming less passive. I thought I would be a passive investor and pay a sourcing fee but I’m actually interested in it now” admitted Dez.

How does Dez run a high-pressure business alongside building a property portfolio?

He explains that the time he used to spend watching box sets and TV is the time he now spends on Rightmove, searching for good properties and he actually enjoys it so it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. For actually viewing the properties, he will just take some time off work and fit it in that way.

What is the long-term plan for Dez?

Not interested in building quick cash flow, Dez wants to build wealth and create a legacy. He explains that, “It’s what you can leave behind. I’m 35 now; the mortgage is 25-28years taking me to 60. I’ve got four children and all these milestones I need to be factoring in somewhere. Clearly I’ve got my own pension plan as well. But with that I have learnt through reading [Samuel’s] book, is that there are other ways for my children to have a financial future that isn’t medicine or [necessarily] academic. It doesn’t always have to be an academic future and it doesn’t have to be anything. It can be just a skillset they enjoy.”


Why did Dez choose property now?

“I was working on my own career and I think over the last year in my career I have got to a point where I’m really happy with where I am. I can see what the next 25-30 years is like there and I’m not planning to move anywhere with that. With that security comes now the investment stability.”

Dez’s story is very interesting and different to most people who come into property. Most people find property as their way out of a ‘bad’ job and are seeking financial stability from it. Whereas for Dez, he is successful, passionate about his job, loves it and earning well from it.

When asked what he would advise other people in his position, he says

1. Read Samuel’s book – Buy Low Rent High

2. Watch Samuel’s free YouTube videos

3. Attend the Property Investors Crash Course

He finishes by saying, “Open your mind and don’t be afraid of investing in your education. The academy is an investment in my education. When people go to university they are quite happy to invest in their education or go to an apprenticeship programme. The academy is no different – it’s fantastic, it’s brilliant, I really can’t fault it. The extra training dates that are put in, the value is just amazing. It’s not just about property training, we are learning about marketing, structuring, systemising etc. That is transferrable to all things and I’m going to transfer those to my business. So there is lots of value!”

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